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Comment Re:It is a seperate season - people are just babie (Score 1) 458

Almost completely agree with you here. The ever false sense of anonymity on the net give dudes the sense that being a douche won't lead to an ass whooping. I don't agree that they weren't douches before the net. They were, but fearing the consequences (eating a knuckle sandwich, for instance), censored their nasty personality issues.

I do believe the internet turns the average person into a mouth breathing douche so I'm not surprised this is becoming more common.

Comment The last sentence (Score 1) 108

I was with you until the last sentence:

still, I don't like the idea of having my books disappear if I don't pay a continuing subscription.

Sort of how the netflix streaming library goes poof if you stop paying a subscription? I could see your ambivalence if you paid for a book on your kindle only to see it go away if you stopped subscribing to amazon prime, but this isn't the case.

Comment Won't go anywhere (Score 1) 458

Then he should add Amazon to the list because they did the same thing. Except, of course, they didn't give it a stupid name like a season pass. They, instead, sold 8 episodes of the season which was broken up by a year. So you could really construe it as two separate half seasons. I'm betting it won't go anywhere. Besides, this private citizen doesn't have the funds to go against Apple's billions.

Comment Re:"Maybe?" (Score 1) 443

I'm trying to make sense of it too. I'm hoping someone could answer this question (unless they already have and it's buried in the comments). The only thing that comes to mind is tax liability issues. Doesn't paypal have to report the IRS the type of income earned? Similar to a bank reporting to the IRS interest earned on a business account vs a personal checking. I'm just guessing here.

Comment Not so outdated everywhere (Score 1) 236

In my town, Sacramento, our single drive in theater has 6 screens and play two double features on a nightly basis. They have tuesday specials, and the projector complex sells inexpensive popcorn and sodas. Whenever I pass the theater on the freeway, it's packed with cars. When we go, we'll show up an hour early to get a good viewing spot.

The mode in which these theaters operate may seem outdated, but they still draw massive crowds. On reflection, I can't think of a single time where my viewing was distracted by loud plastic candy wrappers, cellphones, and talking viewers.

Comment Nope, nada, nil (Score 1) 177

The idea of spending any more than an hour or two in microgravity is quite unappealing. It's simply not a friendly environment for gravity bound creatures. The simple thought of living without running water.. The thought of being confined to a ship with a bunch of smelly people.. The thought of potentially getting ill while up there (bad enough with gravity but without?).. The thought of being bombarded by radiation.. Much information about the living conditions on the ISS is published freely online, and over the years I've read these stories. Honestly, it has no appeal to me. I once spent two days hiking Mt Shasta. I got to the summit to be blown away by the view. Thirty minutes later, I was ready to descent because there was a big fat tbone and cigar waiting for me in my camp. Chances are, I would get bored of the view after a few hours anyway.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 403

Sure it is. You just pick the right parts. You include "works well with Linux" as one of the business requirements when designing the thing.

THAT is not worth $50 per laptop.

I agree. But it's actually more than $50 if you account for the m$ tax that goes with the windows machines. If you assume the win license is $50 (not sure what it irons out to be), then it's actually $100 a box. On top of all that, it's the same spec as the windows version. I bet the machine screams without all the bloatware.

Comment Re:Any expense is against the point (Score 1) 299

I'm not a facebook user so this is new to me. So you're saying, for the mass majority of facebook users this isn't a subject that crosses their path. This story is for those with large media markets who utilize facebook as part of their business scheme. And so, Cuban leaves a message on his facebook page and only a few people will see it without going to the team page? Otherwise, the rest would have to go to the facebook page on a daily basis to see updates? If a normal person leaves a message on their page, who see's it without going to their page? Their 'friends?' Forgive the ignorance.

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