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Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 279

You're right, once you get "Es no posible" you're pretty much screwed regardless of what the issue is or what you have to say. I remember somebody elses number/line getting switched to mine, and being able to demonstate this to Telefonica and just being told it wasn't possible... I had to move apartment in order to get a working line.

My friend did manage to get Telefonica to run a line halfway up the mountain just to his house after his (Spanish) wife spent some time threatening Telefonica with what I think must have been a blood feud... nobody is quite sure what she threatented them with, but it worked.


Submission + - What will happen if Windows XP becomes free? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Now that Vista is out and MS is putting all of its efforts behind their new OS, do you think Microsoft will gain or lose by distributing Windows XP for free? What will happen to Linux distros intended for the desktop? Assuming MS will charge only for support services to their older products and free even the Windows 2000 server, I think this can be a pretty big blow to its competitors, but not such a big financial fall. Thoughts anyone?

Submission + - Vista SP1 beta announced (

starrsoft writes: "After almost a year of hemming and hawing over how and when to acknowledge publicly its plans for Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 1, Microsoft finally released on August 29 its officially-approved schedule and feature set for the awaited update. Vista SP1 will go to about 10,000 to 15,000 selected beta testers by mid-September, officials said. The SP1 beta build will be made available to these testers for download form the Microsoft Connect site. A broader public beta of SP1 is likely around the time Microsoft delivers a release-candidate test build of the service pack, officials said, while declining to provide a timeframe for that build. The final "gold" release of SP1 is now slated for some time in Q1 2008."

Submission + - Vista set for 2008 servicing

Robert writes: With many businesses wary of deploying Windows Vista on their networks prior to the release of Service Pack 1, Microsoft has tried to end the speculation about what SP1 will comprise and when it will be available. Vista SP1, likely to be released to manufacturing in the first quarter of 2008, will not be as significant a feature release as Windows last major operating system service pack, Windows XP SP2, the company indicated in a set of press releases and blog postings.

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