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Comment Re:Why not sue everyone else? (Score 1) 47

Never having to worry about starvation ever again outweighs the loss of jobs, at least in my mind.

Taking this a step further, let's say we can freely copy housing as well. There goes my number 1 and number 3 largest monthly expenses: shelter and food. Take those expenses away, and I almost don't need a job anymore. That doesn't sound so bad to me...

Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 150

In my opinion, keeping the photos in their original black & white, or color format would be more than adequate for the juxtaposition. I don't think anything would have been lost in the process of blending the photos in a more seamless manner. This is an absolutely amazing idea! However, I think it was published before it's full potential was realized.

Comment Re:The real question is.... (Score 1) 323

I didn't really buy it when I first saw that story. It appears there's been enough time for someone to look it over and see that it wasn't completely on the level.


Direct Link:

Comment Feedback about support for Linux (Score 2, Interesting) 402

Bob Colayco from Blizzard just contacted us to mention that if users wish to leave feedback about open sourcing games, support for Linux, or anything else you would like to express to them, you should do so in the comments section of this story. They plan on perusing the comments below for user feedback and interest, so don't be shy.

Support for Linux, either native or at the very least through testing/working with WINE, is something that I would really like to see. I've played WoW through WINE and managed to get it running, but the overall game play experience is just not on par with that of playing through Windows.

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