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Comment Re:Fun facts (Score 1) 275

I've just finished watching the Discovery channel doco too. It's available from Amazon UK.

I'm not sure if you're aware, but the reason for standards like nautical miles etc, is for navigation as it ties to navigation.

A nautical mile (symbol M, NM or nmi) is a unit of distance that is approximately one minute of arc measured along any meridian. By international agreement it has been set at 1,852 metres exactly (about 6,076 feet).

Try navigating in kilometres, and you'll rapidly get lost.


Submission + - Microsoft Needs More Information About Firefox

terrymr writes: "A colleague of mine updated firefox this morning, which prompted windows defender to pop-up "Microsoft needs more information about this software". The dialog doesn't reveal exactly what information would be sent to Microsoft if the Send Information button is clicked, it appears that the entire Firefox binary would be uploaded. Screenshot here"

Submission + - Jesus Tomb Found

Kranec writes: The BBC is reporting that James Cameron, of Titanic fame, has claimed to recover 10 tombs that Israeli workers found, and also claims they house the bodies of Jesus, Mary, and Jesus' family.

Submission + - Hired to Create FUD: Faking an Network Break-in

tempered56 writes: "How do you get the attention of the executives at your company if you feel the security systems are lacking? Fake a news article on a huge break in, print it up on news paper, and strategically leave copies around the office. Well, the folks at were asked to create such a piece of FUD for a CISO who wanted to try something a bit out of the ordinary — an news article describing how his company Lost 80000 Identities in One Day."

Submission + - Wake Up Microsoft - Microsoft's Noise Disturbance

Wake Up Microsoft writes: "A Zune branded SUV decided to descend upon a densely residential downtown Manhattan block in the wee hours of Sunday. At approximately 3AM, the SUV arrived in front of a bar on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side. Blaring music, it made people who lived in the immediate vicinity feel as if they were transplanted into a night club. This offense was so egregious that people of the block are trying to organize against Microsoft for their (evidently) criminal and/or socially disturbed behavior. The site includes video."

Submission + - The decline and fall of the Palm empire

PetManimal writes: "According to Computerworld, Palm is doomed to decline and failure, thanks to a series of bad business decisions including Palm's acquisition by U.S. Robotics back in 1995 and the musical chairs with PalmSource/PalmOne earlier in this decade. There's also been a lack of innovation — Palm's own corporate timeline has tons of references to innovation and development milestones from 1995 to 2000, but since then it's been mostly boring corporate marketing speak about partnerships, new markets, and product releases. Now the Treo has tons of new competitors, and when the iPhone comes out, it will be game over for Palm, says the Computerworld article: '... Last month, [the] iPhone changed everything. Jobs' Macworld keynote was like a nuclear bomb in the world of smart-phone enthusiasts. The "key influencers" who gave Treos visibility and cachet a year ago — Hollywood types, gadget freaks and absolutely everyone who's anyone in Silicon Valley — have stopped talking about Treos and are simply waiting for the iPhone to come out, at which time they will unceremoniously dump their Treos and embrace the new innovation leader. Meanwhile, it looks like Palm isn't even trying to innovate. [Palm CEO Ed] Colligan said in an interview recently that the company is focused on ease of use, rather than design, and that the company doesn't want to "follow design fads." In other words, Palm is not only failing to set trends, it's not even following them anymore.'"

Is Switching Jobs Too Often a Bad Thing? 208

Career Hot Potato asks: "I've been out of school for little more than a year and I have only good things to say about the job market. So far, there doesn't seem to be any lack of demand for a good .NET developer. I've got to admit, though, I feel a little disloyal at this point. Several great job offers have come my way and I've taken them. My resume is starting to make me look a bit restless and it worries me. Until now I've just chalked it up to 'I'm just settling in,' but now another opportunity has been dropped into my lap. Would I be digging my own grave by taking this job? It'd be my fourth job in 16 months but each offered a promotion and a 30% to 40% raise. I know better than to put a price on job satisfaction but I'm pretty certain I'd be happy there. Is being branded as a 'hot potato' enough to keep you from switching? What's your price on this stigma?"

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