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Comment Re: Worse than useless (Score 1) 98

The fact stands that idiots are harder to run from in person. Note that the magnitude of the effect on your opinion doesn't mean that your opinion always has to be brought closer to the opinion of the person you're discussing it with. Say you have a certain policy on hosts files. Since you probably filter out everything APK posts, he probably has no net effect on that policy. But if you saw APK everyday and he spouted the same drivel he spouts here, you would likely start doing the opposite of what he says.

Comment Re:Does it Matter? (Score 1) 288

Yet even a story can hide wisdom in allegory. Knowledge is not limited to certain (or currently accepted) answers to the question "how." Take aesthetics, for example. Since you can't exactly test what the "right" way of doing something is (i.e. derive an "ought" from an "is"), you have to throw around random ideas and refine them through debate, checking for internal consistency, etc. into something that intuitively "feels right." Knowledge of the purely physical should be testable, but you'd have a hard time doing the same for abstract concepts.

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