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Comment Throttled from 50 Mb/s to 5 Mb/s after 200 GB (Score 1) 243

The problem with ISPs in Turkey is that they don't get that the speed boost that comes with fiber will also cause people to download bigger files. All they do is offer a single data cap for every speed, take it or leave it. Having a maximum cap of 200 GB for a 50 Mb/s connection is absurd. I mean, it's not as if the local infrastructure affects how much total data you can download in a 1-month period.

Comment All we need are large dumb displays (Score 1) 234

I've been wanting to buy a 65" OLED display to replace my old 50" plasma TV from 2003 for a few years now, because the color contrast on standard LED displays isn't as good as the latter's. I don't even need it to be 4K; it won't matter at the distance I'm using it. However, all monitors after a certain size seem to be bundled with extraneous UIs that function like their own OS. I just want a big screen with good colors. It shouldn't need software updates or its own remote. The best way to make UIs simpler is to eliminate them. Maybe have some buttons on the side to change inputs, but that should be it.

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