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Comment Re:On reading the future (Score 1) 121

Let's imagine a virtual tailor service... Assume that you could go online, image yourself with a high res 3D webcam, and order custom clothes, complete with a virtual mirror to try them on. I'm guessing my 200Mbps connection would fall short at that point.

Bad example: in the future, when 200Mbps connections are affordable for everyone, no one would require a tailor since everybody will pass their time in their basement, in underwear, enjoying their connection...

Comment Re:It's not just the textbooks (Score 1) 446

This makes me remember of an exam in which the teacher asked for "quantity of electrons" when he really wanted the "concentration of electrons", since there was no notion of volume in the problem.

Now, how many of you would have had the balls to write "insufficient data" as an answer to the question, in a real-life exam? I almost did it :P.

Comment Re:nice, but still missing... (Score 4, Informative) 398

- precise garbage collection (not that I'm missing it)

What is the matter with everyone wanting a garbage collector? Personally, I find smart pointers to be far superior to garbage collection and the new standard now incorporates them in the STL (strongly influenced by BOOST)! With them, the sole idea of garbage collection in C++ is somewhat useless and obsolete.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 693

As a student, I would be pretty pissed off if I had actually studied for that test and had my work thrown out because other people cheated.

As a student, I would be pretty happy if I had actually drank beer all time instead of studying for that test and had my gigantic failure thrown out because other people cheated.

Comment The real issue (Score 1) 503

The real issue here is not about government spending on the army or other [insert field where you think gov spends too much] over the space program. Its more space program money might have been spent on more space probes, more telescopes, more scientific satellites, etc. which might have had more scientific profit.

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