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Comment I might get more, not less. (Score 1) 278

I tried consolidating everything into my phone -- gaming, music, light computing, etc. But, the battery life is shit [and I'd be up a creek if I couldn't actually use it for its primary function of calling people if the battery was dead], so I now carry around 4-5 devices: phone, PSP, 3DS, MP3 player, and if I'm going to class that day my netbook. Each gets its use, even the standalone MP3 player thanks to it's 24hr or so battery life, which none of my other devices can compete with, and yes I'm often away from a power source long enough that I'd need that.

Compare 5 years ago [this list is valid for back in 2005 as well, only difference is that I had a different iPod model then] when I had a non-smartphone, an iPod [which I don't have simply because the HDD died and I never bothered trying to replace it], a DS [which got replaced by my 3DS, and the DS's screen got cracked], and that was it. 3 devices. And going back a little further, I had only a Palm m100 and a Game Boy Advance.

I'm likely to get more devices rather than fewer, even as their feature-sets converge -- all of my 5 current portable devices play MP3s, 4 of them can play games [all but the standalone MP3 player], 3 can do computing tasks [homebrew enabled PSP, phone, netbook], etc.
Hell, I'm probably going to get an e-ink based reader soon [much nicer to read on than a bright screen], I might get a tablet for things that my phone is too small for and my netbook is too clunky to just pull out for, etc. And the game consoles in my list will likely stay there or increase [for games/systems that can't be emulated, games that are exclusive to a system, etc]. If something neat comes out for it and I have the coin to spend [probably not, haha], I'd probably get a Vita too.

If the phone had 20 hours of active battery life though, I'd be a lot more tempted to drop some of the other devices. But with enough pockets, it's not terribly inconvenient to have all these things on your person, larger stuff would get stuffed in the backpack.

And last but not least, even these generalized devices still fill a niche for me. In my case, the netbook is for running normal PC programs on, the phone makes calls and has 3G internet, the PSP plays Wipeout and whatnot, the 3DS plays Pokemon and whatnot, the MP3 player plays music and lasts all day doing so, etc.
If I took more pictures ever, I'd definitely carry a standalone camera since the phone camera sucks and the 3DS camera is the worst possible thing that still captures an image.

Comment 10in models sucked, but 11in ones were great (Score 1) 336

I got an 11inch Acer Aspier One for use at university. It's really nice, small, and surprisingly nimble. Unlike the 10inch models I see my friends with, that chug and chop while playing Youtube videos, mine does pretty well on day-to-day stuff. I subject it to the same kind of things I would my old 850MHz PIII laptop, and it performs a little better than that, so I'm fine. Sure, it's not a screamer of a machine, but it works fine and was $270. Absolutely fantastic. If you need lots of power, you aren't going to be spending so little.

Comment Touch typing and two thumbs. (Score 1) 362

I can type without looking on both a normal keyboard, and on my Blackberry. Honestly, I always thought this was pretty common, especially since I picked it up simply by virtue of how much time I spend on the computer. I had typing classes in school, yes, but I looked right at the keyboard during them. :P Also, a bit of a slow news day here, huh?

Submission + - Ruling by Secret US Court Allegedly Reduces Spying

conspirator57 writes: TFA na-spying2aug02,0,5813563.story?coll=la-home-cente r states that the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (a court that no citizen can establish standing to appear before) has ruled against Executive requests for so-called "basket warrants" as violating the 4th amendment to the Constitution, namely that such warrants do not meet the clearly expressed criteria in the second half of the amendment. To accomplish this they must have looked startlingly like British general warrants which were the original motivation for the 4th amendment. for more.

TFA is very sympathetic to the Executive branch, going on to depict ways in which we're all less safe because of this ruling. Personally, I feel safer with more rulings like this one. Just wish the process were a bit more transparent.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
Data Storage

Submission + - What OS/FS to use for 16TB storage array? 1TBx16!!

Dan Cabrera writes: "So I just took delivery of a large package (pickup truck bed sized box) labeled 'server' — turns out it's the one I've been waiting for a while from a client. We had some miscommunication and I assumed this was a 2-4, maybe 5TB system for use as a production content shared drive, but it turned into a real monster, SuperMicro SC-836 with HighPoint 2240 Controller and *16*x*1TB* Hitachi drives in a RAID5 array. It's got WinXP64 loaded, but there must be a better solution after reading of ZFS and related technology now available as open source, no? Looking forward to your comments and suggestions! I'll repost with some benchmarks as this puppy grows up (into the wee hours of the morning I'll work :) Happy SD'in! PS: Just need a large drive to save rendered projects to and backup music/other projects (This is for a world known DJ, so the each tour/show can involve a LOT of media!) ...and, how the heck am I gonna do off-site backup for this in event of disaster? Ay-yay-yi!"

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