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Comment Re:How about something more useful? (Score 1) 140

Because the real world is not as neatly compartmentalised as you would like it to be, and these are high school kids, not grad students?

If you're teaching high school auto shop, does their class need to include the social and economic impact of the automobile? Hint: The answer is no. It's a course on a specific subject. It's supposed to be compartmentalized.

They can and will hear all about social issues in all the classes that don't actually prepare them for real jobs. No, they're not grad students, but they're old enough to complete a course that focuses purely on the technical. Previous generations somehow managed it.

Comment How about teaching computer science? (Score 1) 140

The kiddies these days already get enough social engineering in all their other classes. Why not actually teach computer science in a computer science course?

I realize it's an introductory class, but surely you could actually teach them something useful where they end the course with some accomplishment, like enough html to make a simple hand-coded web page, or some other language that will end with a finished program of some sort. Even the old Commodore Basic I was taught gave me a foundation in the structure of programming.

Keep a technical course technical.

Comment Cover your ass... (Score 1) 332

...and make sure that if higher ups start to ask about these mistakes, you're not made a scapegoat.

Said with 10+ years in a supervisory position, with my own superiors to deal with too, I know it's a careful path you have to walk when documenting someone in a senior position screwing up. And it's got to be stuff that's actually going to affect the bottom line, like missed deadlines or quality control that loses customers. Otherwise, you'll have to just put up and shut up.

If those feature requests and bug reports are encouraged within your company, keep doing them with a degree of discresion (ie - skip the trivial stuff), and keep copies somewhere safe in a CYA file.

Comment Re:Here's the point... (Score 1) 268


No. But feel free to bandy the term about until it becomes meaningless.

As better explained above, the higher price we pay is not solely due to monopolistic practices.

I just bought a Yamaha receiver, RX-V673, on Amazon that has 4K upscaling AND 4K pass-through for.... $399. If Yamaha were an American monopoly what would it have cost me? There is NO free Market Capitalism in Amaerica.... never has been... Just BIG monopolies and trusts.

And yet Yamaha isn't an American monopoly, so your point you were trying to make there falls a little flat.

Comment Re:So then... (Score 1) 260

The important part here is reported. Who is going to admit that they damaged their vision after staring into a laser for 4 hours?

A lot of this stuff comes out in medical reports when the injured person goes to a hospital.

No one would admit to sticking a Barbie doll or beer bottle up their jacksie, either, but the reports - and x-rays - are online for our enjoyment.

Comment Re:Way to be Timely... (Score 1, Troll) 661

Way to be timely Slashdot - AppleInsider has already reported that the story is bunk.

No. AppleInsider has reported Apple claims the story is bunk. That's very different. Appleinsider makes no claim one way or the other, they're just reporting the company's press release.

It's good to see the Reality Distortion Field is still working.

Comment Re:Congress: The New Superhero! (Score 4, Insightful) 257

Dr. Wertham is just an early predecessor to Jack Thompson. These idiots think that anything they don't understand or enjoy should be banned because "clearly it has no moral value". It's a myopic view of art and entertainment that would lead to everyone buying and enjoying the exact same things....

I take a possibly more cynical view that like so many other politicians, pundits and activists, their "cause" is nothing but a horse they've hitched their career cart to.

Comment Re:Seems about right (Score 1) 281

ISPs don't owe you anything you haven't paid for at the price they are willing to sell to you. Nor do they owe it to Netflix to deliver their content.

The issue is you haven't got a choice. Well, you've got Bell or Rogers, but both have monopolies on their respective cables, and any competition is buying bandwidth from them. Ultimately, they set the rules no matter your ISP.

If you want IP service to be a utility where the public helps set the rates then get your local government to provide it under a public utility district or something.

I'd like a pony, too. By what magic wand should this happen? The best case would be the local gov't leases from the Big Two, just like all the other middle-man ISPs. If you think a local-level government has any leverage or regulating ability over Bell or Rogers, then you're remarkably naive.

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