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Comment Results of world policy (Score 1, Interesting) 70

Don't be surprised, if everybody decide to demonize and ignore civil rights of some part of world for sake of "keep irritating russia" and "let's assume as humans only friendly to us dudes", definitely those in war zone will become even more rogue and do more and more nasty things.
Keep in mind, skilled IT workers there, and they need earn for living, so for sure some of them will fall in hands of gangs.

Submission + - ESA all set to launch, test re-entry of its wingless space plane IXV (techienews.co.uk)

hypnosec writes: European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed its preparedness for the launch of its experimental “space plane” dubbed Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle (IXV) on Wednesday. ESA’s car-sized, wingless vessel is being tested for re-entry and could build a platform on which design of future reusable spacecraft are based on. IXV will be launched on Vega flight VV04 at 13:00 GMT (14:00 CET) for a suborbital flight to test technologies and critical systems for Europe’s future automated reentry systems from Kourou, French Guiana, 11 February 2015.

Submission + - Microsoft To Offer Azure Credits To Compete With IBM & AWS

Amanda Parker writes: Google, AWS and IBM already offer incentives for start-ups to join them. Microsoft is trying to lure start-ups and SME's to its Azure profile by offering them $500,000 in Azure credits. The deal, announced by Y Combinator, is only available to Y Combinator-backed companies and will be offered to the 2015 Winter and future batches. In addition to this, Microsoft is also giving Y Combinator start-ups a three years Office 365 subscription, access to Microsoft developer staff and one year of free CloudFlare and DataStax enterprise services. The move signifies Microsoft's desire to compete with Amazon Web Services and Google, both of whom already offer credits and freebies.

Submission + - Linaro Launches an Open-source Spec for ARM SBCs (linuxgizmos.com)

DeviceGuru writes: Not content to just standardize ARM-based Linux and Android software, Linaro has just launched 96Boards, an open-source spec for ARM-based single board computers. Along with the spec's rollout, Linaro also announced a $129 HiKey SBC based on a HiSilicon 64-bit, octa-core Kirin 620 SoC, and compatible with the 96Boards Consumer Edition (CE) spec's 85 x 54mm 'standard' form factor option. The 96Boards initiative plans to offer a series of specs for small-footprint 32- and 64-bit Cortex-A boards, including an Enterprise Edition (EE) of its spec in Q2.

Comment Nothing new, original or really low cost (Score 1) 46

Looks like typical geiger tube used, and typical circuit for it. What's "new" or "original" there? And definitely not low cost stuff, but poorly built (all that hanging wires).
Also his microcontroller memory most probably will fail on serious radiation, and if not stop working, then may give invalid data.
I understand detecting alpha particles in the tin can over FET transistor can be MUCH cheaper than those (but more for alpha, again), and similar original ideas.

Comment Re:Why a war? (Score 1) 498

Exactly. With all this ecstasy from revolution, people should look a bit which statements Praviy Sector and Svoboda made before.
Before revolution they said several times, that Russia, Poland and several other countries own their territory, plus their hymn include "russians on knifes" and "ukraine for ukrainians". Now guess, what will happen when they have nukes.
I was shocked, when i so how their "activists" attacked veterans of WWII, 80+ year old people, in 2011, Lviv. Check youtube for that.

Comment This is not software, it is wrong design (Score 1) 526

In case Dell used speakers that are not rated even for their motherboard amplifier - it is trivial to detect audio clipping that VLC cause, just a plain resistor and current sensing circuit, or a comparator on output circuit and it will be easy to shut it, before speaker got damaged.
In car industry it will be a recall and faulty items will be replaced by modified ones, with "bugfix".
But it is very known - freaks like HP and Dell prefer to charge customers for each sneeze, and as soon as you paid and took your product - you are on your own. No bugfixes, no support, no improvements.

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