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Comment Re:SigmaPlot (Score 1) 66

I'm personally fond of gnuplot. The output is quite nice if you use a vector drawing backend like eps or svg (much better than the PNG demos on the homepage would suggest), and integration with latex via the epslatex terminal is perfect for my needs. Matplotlib output is almost as good (and getting better all the time) and is arguably easier to use, especially for those familiar with Matlab. The most popular open source plotting packages among my colleagues seem to be gnuplot and xmgrace.

I downloaded and tried the SigmaPlot demo a few years ago. The output was indeed quite nice, but I did not enjoy using a GUI for plotting. My workflow often involves generating some data, plotting it, tweaking something, repeat. It's much more convenient for me to write a plotting script once than have to repeatedly import data and set up a plot. I admit that the CLI of gnuplot isn't as accessible as the SigmaPlot GUI, but once you're past the initial learning curve the CLI is probably faster.

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