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Comment Re:blocking facts and research (Score 1) 1276

1.The government should be in position to help its people. I dont know if you if you just choose to be blissfully aware but besides lackadasical layabouts, wastes of space and drug addicts. There are people who genuinely are unable to make it on their own due to geography, health reasons, or social standing.. and the government should protect them. 2. Taxes should not be viewed as punishment but as a method of providing funds for social programs that (should) benefit everyone. Due to poor management and ignorance however the money very seldom sees proper use. Not all people who are successful are hard workers, nay there are many people who get paid a ridiculous amount of money to do absolutely nothing so how do you judge really? 3. Agreed, the government will set up a program in good faith and then fail to properly weed out those who would abuse them. I know plenty of people on social welfare who dont need it they are just lazy. 4.Wrong, rights are man made as are laws If God exists he gave up on humanity long ago now all we can do is depend on one another and ultimately I think if there is a God that is his/her very point...and we are failing miserably. 5. Morality does not come from God it is a developed concept unique to every individual, which is why some can be stone cold killers, some can kill when given justification that the action is right or just (soldiers) and for the record killing is never 'right' no matter how many stars on a mans collar, but sometimes is necessary (defending your family or your immediate territory) and others can not kill at all for any reason. The bible is a system of control to keep the populace in line ..fear vs reward... be good go to heaven and prosper, do not heed the word and burn in hell eternal.. the raw message there is fear vs reward and the bible is very much a man manipulated concept and no one needs a book to fill themselves with righteousness... that is a choice. 6. God if one exists, granted you life and free will.. a contravention to the system of laws and rights and red tape that world governments use to enshroud their people..and do not be arrogant God granted the USA nothing.. that is like saying God granted parts of Africa unending poverty and denied them the same freedoms that the US has, bullshit, the USA is granted its rights by man.. no holy man or miracle. 7. hate everyone equally, especially ignorant people who believe that they can fix everything through violence or by converting people to dead religions.. Man once upon a time worshipped rocks.. and now a couple of ages later we are still worshipping the sky... It is MAN... We will survive or perish based on the decisions of MAN if your waiting for a bearded prophet or immaculate son to step in and intervene you will be a long time waiting.

Comment Surge protector... (Score 1) 497

I bought one of those monster 10 plug power blocks it costs 99 bucks normally but i got it when Circuit City went out of business for 25. Its massive.. it has 10 plugs, a port for both ethernet and phone and 2 coaxial cables. It has its own insurance that covers 25,000 in equipment should it fail to protect.. Probably one of the most useful purchases I have made as my entertainment center eats up a lot of plugs lol.

Comment Hell yeah! (Score 1) 1

I know many businesses in my area who use the same practice. When I managed Gameworld we were not allowed to purchase new release titles when they came in used for at least 2 months after their release. This was in part because I was allowed to purchase my games at cost and my used titles at what our buyback price was set at. Regardless though i found this to be a fair practice as we are there for our customers not for ourselves. We would have gone out of business fast if our employees gobbled up all of the new releases for themselves and left the chaff on the shelves for our customers.

Comment I am pleased.... (Score 1) 364

I dread hearing things like 'capped' and 'pay per useage' especially since I am so pleased with my provider and plan at the moment. Day or night no matter the hour I can get a 16gb file in maybe 20 minutes. I can download a whole series in a hour and my speeds online in terms of hosting capability and latency on FPS is unparalelled. I can honestly say the money im paying now for internet is worth every penny. I never have to worry about high traffic times or if i do my internet provider seems to be unphased by its current load. Good for Harper.

Comment Ridiculous (Score 1) 3

The idea that religion is anything except a learned concept is ridiculous. I am no more predispositioned to being a Catholic or Protestant than I am to like sushi or cauliflower or whether I like the Canadians over the Rangers in hockey.. or like hockey at all for that matter. What the huge boom in population of Amish people can be attributed to is the idea that all these children are being raised on a strict religious environment that is a lot harder to be breached by outside influence like the media.. Much like me and my kin can spit out 6 kids and raise them in a environment where God is not needed, religion is not needed nor is it encouraged. The one problem with that though is my kin are extremely influenced by the media and thus they have the benefit of having their mind changed by what they see and hear outside of my family, regardless of our attempt at brainwashing our youth into being open minded and let go of dead concepts like organized religion. BUT that IS the beauty is that they do have that ability and they CAN say ..fuck you dad, this is the way you think, this is the way you live.. i choose my own path. It isnt like the Amish also dont have that ability, its just a much harder nut to crack.

Comment Re:Curiously.. (Score 0) 122

I agree with some of your comment. I do believe that Facebook will eventually burn out just like My Space did when, like you say, a better alternative came along. No one really thought anyone would dethrone My Space or AOL but they are just whispers now where once they were everything social media and the internet represented. Like I said though I originally created it for family and just added people as they came because I didnt care, much like I do not care who deletes me off their friends let alone want to seek out a application which makes finding out possible, That sort of anonymous action seems suitable rather than have to explain or justify to someone why? Who wants to explain to aunt June that you removed her because your tired of seeing her status about her heavy period, or having to block the whole Farmville army lol? I have a much easier medium to keep in contact with people than Facebook it is called pick up a damn phone or the novel idea of meeting someone for a coffee.
The Internet

Submission + - Hysteria in Egypt (

NuKe_MoNgOoSe writes: Egypt security force opens fire on public..

Really? I know that there are more issues at hand here but when I first heard of this it was over Egypt prohibiting access to Twitter. TO TWITTER... and now apparently Egypt has flicked the switch on the internet. Protests which were previously met with riot sheilds and tear gas are now being met with lethal counter measures resulting in the death of 38 people and counting...

Comment Curiously.. (Score 3, Interesting) 122

There is a habit lots of people on Facebook have where they have a Gotta' Catch em All - Pokemon sorta mentality where they HAVE to have the largest number of friends possible. When I visit my facebook page I just add everyone who asks just because I dont care. I have close to 900 'friends' and the majority of them are people I will never associate with or have no association with they just added me through another friend. I dont really care who deletes me or adds me.. and I think its a sad commentary on somone who goes out of their way to search people who have removed them from their lists. Facebook is just getting ridiculous anyway I cant wait for it to burn out just like My Space.

Comment Alternative English (Score 0) 375

There are several forms of the english language which are completly unique but still remain english. I remember the form of speach Pikeys use understandable to only a small population. Then there is my grandfather he lived his whole life in Newfoundland, for those who may not know this is a Canadian province. Native newfoundlanders contort the english language into something that few people from the Canada let alone the world can understand as well. The common line between these are that they are limited in scope to the region where they are used. The language of the internet is limited only to the people who use it, there is no regional boundary not one of measureable scope anyway. The only way to not be exposed to it is to not be on the internet.

Comment Re:It is becoming more likely (Score 0) 375

New no, but certainly more prevalent than something like pig latin. The big difference is that this effect is global the advent of the internet has brought social groups from all nationalities into a common pool. The people who reside in this pool, regardless of age, use a common form of textspeak which is far more legitimate as a language than something like pig latin. Unlike pig latin I see this language used every day by a extremely varied group of people. I personally just see this form of communication becoming more dominant as time passes.

Comment It is becoming more likely (Score 0) 375

That |337 speak very well could become the language of the future, and why not? More people are socializing now in the cyber environment in many cultures than they are in the real world. More and more people are meeting their life partners through sites like Lava Life rather than in bars or grocery stores. Internet abbreviations like lol and lmao and brb are as common as the word "the" or if you rather the common misstep "teh". No longer are people limited to finding a hometown girl/boy they can find love a continent away on the other side of the world. Now, because of this social movement there is required a global language and what better than geek speak to connect everyone on a global scale. I have friends from all over the world and there is not one of them that doesnt recognize internet abbreviations like lol and brb. The more sophisticated alpha-numeric way of speaking I find more popular around the cracker/hacker crowd, people who type everything 1n w4y5 much |1k3 7h15 50m3 g37 |\/|0r3 cr3471\/3.. If you pay attention though the masses, young or old, which populate cyberspace really do speak a language all their own. Me my kids my parents and their parents all understand this language at its base form. I will say, because I work in a field which requires me pouring over notes from all my employees that a fair percentage type out letters making a lot of the same changes to the english language as they do when txt'n or blogging. It is also not uncommon for me to occasionally see a 'lol' in a formal business email!

Comment Square makes me sad ): (Score 0) 152

Man.. I remember when I was much younger playing Final Fantasy, the original and walking for hours around the castle fighting goddamn unicorns grinding the shit out of it to get the levels to make the game less frustrating and difficult... guess what... IT DIDNT HAPPEN lol.. Then came Final Fantasy III(VI) and this game endeared me to the franchise it was both challenging, had engaging characters and a sweet plot and then came Final Fantasy Tactics (for me) and I played the shit out of that for like 200 hours, and the difficulty curve on that went from challenging to getting T.G Cid (Orlandu) and Agrias (Holy Knight)and blowing through everything.. then Final Fantasy VII again, challenging but not nearly as retarded as the original. Anything after VII though just seemed to drop in challenge, increase in beautiful design and increase in completely unneeded complexity. I hated XII but XIII I genuinely enjoyed the combat system was quick and adaptive and was the first combat system I really enjoyed since VII.. As with most genres nowadays.. they cant seem to get the challenge, visuals, mechanics, plot formulae down. I agree with a previous post though a HD version of VII would sell millions especially with additional content and a graphics engine overhaul.

Comment Catholicism (Score 0) 470

As the next generation emerges in maturity they are firing final blows at a dead concept, the Pope is a patriarch of a dying institution. People are no longer sheep, but the shepherds and if they are going to believe in anything it will be one another not a ancient, hipocritical framework of fearmongering and rules. People will not forget God but they are, in terms of the people in my life that I have grown up with, losing all faith in the Church and its leaders. I dont believe the Church has ever done anything in the name of God but used his name to further their own goals and ambitions. Bill Gates on the otherhand came up from nothing, revolutionized information technology, brought modern computing into the home, made it accessible to just about everyone, has donated ridiculous amounts of money in furthering the progress of humanity medically and scientifically.. He is a man to be admired, he is also a man to be feared as is any man or institution with too much power...just look at the government.

Comment Re:Yeah.. lol (Score 0) 471

lol heaven forbid you have a negative outlook on something posted here if your not preaching rainbows or falling in line your a troll. To me a troll would be someone who fires out a comment for the sole purpose of inciting a argument. My post is my honest take on a population who worships social icons and places their health on some kind of imaginary pedestal over more common people. How the hell is that a troll? That question is rhetorical btw.

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