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Comment Doc over-reacted, refused to see us (Score 1) 1271

The way it works in our area is you fill out the entrance paperwork saying "Doctor B.Honeydew is our pediatrician", even if you've never spoken to the doc. Pediatricians will not schedule the visit in advance, the hospital notifies them that a new parent has requested them and the doc stops by to say hi.

So three years ago we're sitting in the maternity ward with a brand new baby, trying to do everything right. The doc's assistant (not the doctor) comes in and wakes us up to say hello, asks if we have any questions. Groggy and sleep deprived, I asked something like "there's a lot of questions about a link between vaccines and autism, what are your thoughts?" I believe we got the standard there-is-no-link, herd-immunity answer.

Fast forward 7 days, we call to schedule his first real checkup with the doctor. The office says "oh, Doctor Nimrod decided that you were not a good fit for our practice, you will need to find a different pediatrician". They would not put the doctor on the phone, his responses were relayed to us through his receptionist.

WTF!@$!@ Oh crap we have a brand new baby and no doctor!! Cue the terror and panic attacks from new mommy.

After some frantic phone calls we found a fantastic doctor that my son loves, and who was appalled by how the first doctor treated new parents without even speaking to them. My son is healthy and happy, and yes he's fully vaccinated. But if I could have reached through the phone and strangled that first doctor for putting my wife through that, I would have.

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