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SpringSource Acquires Hyperic, Possibly Set to Target Microsoft and IBM 130

Many sources are reporting that SpringSource has acquired Hyperic, creating a company that could go after IBM and Microsoft. SpringSource has long dreamed of being able to offer a complete open source solution that accelerates the entire build, run, manage Java application lifecycle, and Hyperic offers the last piece of the puzzle. "Regardless, the SpringSource/Hyperic combination creates a clear and present danger to IBM and Microsoft, two companies that have largely stood alone in the ability to build, run, and manage applications. It's also a significant boon to companies looking to open source to save money and improve productivity. Is it a sign of good things to come from not only SpringSource, but also open source, generally? Time will tell, but I suspect we're on the cusp of an aggressive and ambitious new phase in open-source competition."

Comment BREAKING NEWS (Score 1) 178

Microsoft just announced that you can ADOPT source code lines of windows VISTA!

Ballmer: "We had this idea because im a genius blah blah blah"
Reporter: "Didnt miro start this strategy?"
Ballmer: "SHUT UP!!! I THROW CHAIRS!1!11"

Of course you can ONLY adopt comments of the developers (All including the word FUCK atleast one time), because were not giving away our codes!!!

Comment Knock knock. (Score 0) 1079

Knock knock
Whos there?

Seriously, i know many people know much about computers, but do you yell "CAR STEALER!!!" at someone who is just entering his car with a key he owns to drive to the supermarket?
Paranoia is a bitch.

Comment Re:Deterrent (Score 1) 269

Hehe, i know these "Obsolete" packages thing too. When i upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10, it told me that every package, even gnome, was obsolete and about to get removed. I should read what i am approving. That killed my system (When i booted i got a command line, which still was enough to backup my data.)

Submission + - Cadie, The first real AI (

Noxn writes: Cadie, the "Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity", was turned on. Cadie is the newest project from Google, an Artificial Intelligence. It was made to help users improve their search, and, who DOESN'T want a cool AI?
But, it seems like It/She got sentient... Which could mean a problem. "She" has a Blog which "she" made by searching the web for design ideas. She also loves pandas, alot. She even has a youtube page, Here

In her blog she states that she, now rules Google.
It will be Aperture Science all over again... (Portal, Pc game)

(This is the newest Google aprils fools joke, like always :D)


Concentrate Better By Doodling 94

Kelson writes "The next time you see someone doodling during a meeting, don't criticize them for drifting off. It turns out that doodling is the mind's way of keeping itself just busy enough to avoid checking out entirely and slipping off into a daydream, and doodlers actually remember more of that boring talk. (Judging by my college notes, this probably helped me remember a lot of otherwise-boring lectures.)"

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