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Comment so much money (Score 2) 174

How about they just pay me $500/month and I'll let them listen to one of my phone lines 0.o That's a lot of money I could use right now. Hell, they can make it $3000/month and I'll let them have one of my email addresses, my skype, and one of my phone lines.. even the text messages for that line... (I'll just then be careful what I say on those specific sources xD )

Comment Re:No it isn't (Score 1) 353

The Linux community can support itself. All they need is to release a tar.gz binary package and the distributions will make their own packages and instructions. Blizzard can release it and say "Support yourselves, we're only releasing binaries. Have fun" and the community will do the rest.

You're absolutely right. Then you have all the damn hipsters hop onto Linux now that it supports a popular game (and is within their budget) as if it's a new OS that didn't exist last year calling into blizzard to ask why the game won't run higher than 800x640 or more than 10fps because they don't know they have to tell their distro that it's ok to run that closed driver that goes with their specific card...

Comment Re:admin (Score 1) 407

voss posted something I feel should be referenced along with this information on the School Admin's email address.

Kimberly Hester does not have clean hands. Posting an offensive picture of a co-worker with pants around ankles could be considered sexual harassment.

This is not harmless fun "A parent and Facebook friend of Hester’s saw the photo and complained to the school."
What teachers and employees do reflects upon the schools.

Teachers and school employees have a higher standard of care especially when posting comments about other employees.
Schools can and have been sued for failure to act in cases of sexual harassment. The school district had reasonable suspicion.

Comment Re:if they are like the recent ed grads I've known (Score 1) 311

actually, as an Idaho resident, I can tell you the news covered little on the subject of technology. The teachers were mainly objecting to other parts of the bill. The online classes for example wasn't an issue as much as the increased class sizes (higher student/teacher ratio) and removal of teachers. The bill would lead to loss of teaching jobs, and that caused most of the complaints, along with changes to the teacher's pay system. I don't know anyone who objected to the increase of technology itself other than general concerns of students having difficulty with online classes.

That being said, I didn't look into the bill enough to care about it one way or the other. I don't care for online classes myself as the only one I took was so poorly and cheaply done I spent more time thinking about how cheap they had to be to compress a 3kb gif image down to 1kb to where it was ugly to even notice, and audio with obvious hissing, then I did about the material itself. If current online classes are still done like that, I wouldn't be able to tolerate it at all, and not having the option of taking the class in a classroom or avoid the class altogether would have driven me mad

Comment Re:Still not a sport, try as you may.. (Score 1) 351

that definition states skill or physical prowess. I'm pretty sure that means physical prowess is not required if skill is. (also means skill is not required if physical prowess is.) So unless you'd like to state that professional RTS gamers are not more skilled at their game then someone who does not play as often, it would seem to fit your definition just fine.

Also, Curling is an Olympic sport that I would argue requires very little physical prowess, but a lot of skill. (muscle memory to adjust aim and momentum is hard to justify as requiring more prowess than the dexterity of aiming 100+ precise clicks per minute for 10+ solid minutes. And yes, they do click that much and with perfect precision.)

Comment Re:Why not free? (Score 1) 532

It's affected me. I can barely pay my bills while working full time right now. Going to college full time would be very difficult with the conflict between school hours and the available work hours for me, which means loans would be and grants wouldn't work, and I don't know if scholarships will allow for only 1 or 2 classes per semester. And no, I can't afford to pay the per credit charge of even a single class every semester either. Even if I'm simply misinformed about my options now, The knowledge that college isn't free has still affected me in continuing that line of education.

Comment Re:Why not free? (Score 1) 532

Of course if everyone is educated, that doesn't mean everyone makes more money, it simply means that the education becomes devalued as you may end up with needing a master's degree to avoid McDonald's instead of just a bachelor's. The master's degree will then be worth less since more people will get it just to avoid McDonald's and therefore the higher supply of workers allows companies to offer less money, thereby decreasing the average pay of a person with a given degree. wage slavery at it's finest.

On the other hand, if everyone was educated fully, they may understand just how criminal business practices actually are and may figure out how to work as a whole to improve society to where money is nothing more then a footnote in history.

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