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Comment Re:Full Spectrum 40W laser cutters for ~$2400 (Score 2) 83

We have one ( - Ann Arbor, MI). Ours works slightly differently than what you said. The knob on the front limits it. The software limits it further. When running if we set ours to 15MW (on the knob) and set 50% power in software we get ~7.5MW read out on the gauge during the run.

The software (RetinaEngrave) is pretty terrible. It does make multiple passes and splitting colors (different power/passes) easy, but alignment of raster and vector images is a pain. It also only seems to consistently open .XPS files and not any other file type you might commonly have. This means we have to open in another piece of software, print to XPS and load in RetinaEngrave to get a file we know works the way we expect. Not a huge deal but kind of annoying when we already have a vector image.

Good machine though. Works well otherwise.

Comment Don't check from home. (Score 1) 555

The company I work with tightened their restrictions in the past year. Only company machines can now access the network remotely and webmail requires installation of software. The software required only works on certain versions of Windows with specific versions of IE. Some of those that installed it have had their machines rendered in-operable after. My solution was to stop working after hours and remotely checking email. If I am called after hours I state I can't connect remotely and that it will take me x minutes to reach the office. I'm 24/7 support, but it turns out a lot of things are no longer that important to the higher ups. To date I've only been questioned once as to why my after hours availability had dropped. My answer that my home machine is not allowed to connect to the network was sufficient. If you are not required to have remote access or use your personal machines, try just stopping. I understand that it is probably more convient to have that though.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to (Score 1) 397

Ubisoft stopped producing games after Myst 5: End of Ages. Popularity of the games really started dropping in later years. Cyan Worlds (once just Cyan) the original creators of Myst are still around. They have been floundering though since URU. URU lost it's server support and Cyan lost funding. Cosmic Osmo was once of the last games I remember them working on for the PC. They released Myst iPhone shortly after the layoffs. They are still around in some form trying to bring back URU servers as open source shards. I highly recommend picking up RealMyst if you like Myst. It is by far I think the best rendition of the game. I wish they would have Given Riven the same treatment. I wanted to work there all through college. The year I was about to graduate they started to tank.

Broadcasters Want Cash For Media Shared At Home 426

marcellizot writes "What would you say if I told you that there are people out there that want to make sharing your media between devices over a home network illegal? According to Jim Burger, a Washington, D.C attorney who deals with piracy in the broadcasting industry, certain broadcasters want to do just that. Speaking in a recent podcast, Burger remarked that the broadcasting industry is keen to put controls on sharing media between devices even if those devices are on a home network and even if the sharing is strictly for personal use. When pressed as to why broadcasters would want to do this, Burger replied simply 'because they want you to pay for that right.'"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Info from GFW

An anonymous reader writes: WoW: Wrath of the Lich King is official! Games For Windows magazine is going to have it on its next cover. There's a bunch of first info from the magazine in the 1UP story about it, including the introduction of the Death Knight, the first new class since WOW's launch.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Console Modders Raided by ICE (

Mixinitup4Christ writes: ""FallsInc — When ICE hit me, they had a warrant for my grandma's house where I had all my packages sent. They had a picture of the house, and a description of it, meaning they were ready to come find me. When they were there, they didn't find much, since I hadn't had my computer and most modding stuff there for a while, but I continued to have the orders sent there for security of the packages. They went in the house and woke everyone up and watched them get dressed and started going though everything that was in my old room, and the stuff I had in the garage. They took anything that was related to gaming. They opened all the mail I had waiting for me there (which included someone's Xbox and $150 for a mod and 400gb), and took all the consoles and all console parts that I had stored there they even took my original xbox1 games, that were in retail cases. They took my 360, power brick and video cable, while its modded with xtreme 5.1b, it has never had 1 single burned game booted on it. They also felt it necessary to take all my old Xbox parts, mostly dead, my controllers for the 360 and Wii (?) and packed it in a box, and left."

Hmmm....Whats next?"


Submission + - Intel Patches Flaws in Processors 4

Nom du Keyboard writes: According to this article in The Inquirer and this Microsoft Knowledge Base article, a fix for some significant problems in many of Intel's most recent processors, including Core 2 Duo E4000/E6000, Core 2 Quad Q6600, Core 2 Xtreme X6800, XC6700 and XC6800 has been quietly released. Details on just what has been fixed are scanty (it's called a "reliability update"), however, it's probably more important than either Intel, or Microsoft, is openly admitting. Does this give the feeling of a cover-up?

Submission + - Finnish court rules CSS "ineffective"

An anonymous reader writes: In an unanimous decision released today, Helsinki District Court ruled that Content Scrambling System (CSS) used in DVD movies is "ineffective". The decision is the first in Europe to interpret new copyright law amendments that ban the circumvention of "effective technological measures".

Submission + - The cure for Baldness.... Really

secret_squirrel_99 writes: Unlike salamanders, humans and other mammals are generally thought to be incapable of true regeneration — growing a new organ or limb when one has been lost entirely. But yesterday, University of Pennsylvania dermatologists announced they had indeed performed this feat of biological renewal, regrowing complex "mini-organs" that are of pressing interest to millions of older men: the follicles that produce hair. The researchers, who are publishing their findings today in the journal Nature, said that by carefully cutting out patches of skin in mice, they awakened a genetic pathway that normally remains dormant after embryonic development. The shallow wounds stimulated new hair growth even though the follicles had been removed; the process worked especially well when researchers artificially boosted levels of a special signaling protein, senior author George Cotsarelis said. The whole article can be found at: 070517_At_Penn__the_research_is_hair-raising__posi tively.html

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