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Comment Just go EV already (Score 1, Insightful) 154

All of this drawn-out study and deliberation and the protracted uncertainty and wasted manufacturing and expense for users makes very little sense, when it's abundantly clear that all road transport is set to become electric in a very short space of time.

Just go there now and save everyone a lot of time and effort, and improve air quality at the same time.

Comment No surprise at all, just abuse vs hope (Score 5, Insightful) 119

The survey ranking of the top 3 winning technology leaders is no surprise whatsoever. One of them is revolutionizing the EV, energy, space and transport sectors with a large number of leading technologies and hence gives people great hope for the future, while the other two are best known for their profiteering and abuse of the public. It's hardly a contest.

If you want to be known as a technology leader then you shouldn't be a leeching middleman as everyone will hate you, and rightly so. And if you do something technical then you should do it well, instead of doing it absolutely appallingly on purpose because that gives you greater profit --- I'm thinking of Amazon product search here, which is undoubtedly the worst search system that has ever been implemented in online shopping (advertising unrelated things in disguise). Prime Video has a similar purpose, mainly a vehicle for Amazon to put non-Prime content in front of you and make you pay for the privilege of their direct advertising. Oh and Bezos, you really shouldn't be abusing your employees either, it's bad karma.

Regarding Facebook, there's not a lot to say in terms of technology because all the company does is provide a website which monetizes and hence abuses people, so you have to scrape the barrel to find anything technical at all to say about them. One example of FB tech is that their techies release some fine open-source packages behind the scenes (only programmers hear about this though), but this is incidental to FB's primary product which offers no technical leadership at all. In fact they've given us technical regression since FB has closed off much public communication into a walled garden. Zuckerberg offers no hope at all.

So there we have it, not really a contest among those three. I'm sure there must have been other worthy companies in the surveyed 700, but among these three corporate leaders only Musk deserves to be called a technology leader. The other two should be filed under "Abuse for profit".

Submission + - Nuclear Bailout for Excelon Again (

mdsolar writes: A nuclear power plant “bailout” bill appears set to become law after making its way through the Illinois House and Senate on Thursday.
The legislation funnels $235 million a year to power-producing giant Exelon Corp. for 13 years. The money subsidizes unprofitable nuclear plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities that Exelon said would be shuttered over the next 18 months.
Opponents argued that it was wrong to subsidize a company that remains profitable, and that coal-fired power companies haven’t gotten such help. They also argued it will cost consumers.

“Here we go again, picking winners and losers,” said Sen. Kyle McCarter, R-Lebanon. “The money has to come from somewhere. This is a bailout for a very profitable company.”

Submission + - Vietnam abandons plan for first nuclear power plants (

mdsolar writes: Vietnam's National Assembly voted on Tuesday to abandon plans to build two multi-billion-dollar nuclear power plants with Russia and Japan, after officials cited lower demand forecasts, rising costs and safety concerns.

The vote to scrap the country's first atomic energy project deals a blow to the global nuclear business and to Japan's drive to begin exporting reactors after the Fukushima disaster left its nuclear industry in a deep freeze.

The Vietnamese government said in a statement that the decision, made in a closed session of parliament after discussion of a government proposal, was taken for economic reasons and not because of any technological considerations.

Comment Fulfillment, not earning, satisfies Maslow (Score 1) 540

Work also satisfies Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

That word "work" needs splitting into its constituent parts before it can be discussed in the context of Maslow, because it carries so much baggage.

The "earning money for food and shelter" part of working is firmly at the very bottom of Maslow's pyramid. The ceiling at that lowest tier is simply survival, and it's very grim to realize that by far the largest part of humanity is huddled together down there and living from day to day.

In contrast, "doing something which interests you" belongs in one of the higher tiers of the Hierarchy of Needs, one of the tiers concerned with personal fulfillment. Earning money while doing something interesting does not appear in that tier, because it has already been satisfied in a lower tier.

This is one of the reasons why a Universal Basic Income fits in well with Maslow's upward progression of a thinking species, as it frees people from the fight for survival and enables them to seek out occupations which are interesting to them in social or intellectual ways.

Submission + - King tide and powerful supermoon likely to trigger flooding across South Florida ( 1

mdsolar writes: Break out the waders. On Monday, a seasonal king tide powered by the largest supermoon in nearly seven decades is expected to trigger flooding up and down the South Florida coast.

The moon, which normally circles about 238,000 miles from the earth, will swing about 17,000 miles closer over the weekend, NASA scientist Noah Pedro said in a webcast. In South Florida, that trajectory coincides with seasonal high tides expected to be their highest on Monday.

  Depending on location, timing of the tides varies. Miami Beach officials expect tides to peak at 8:23 a.m. and 8:34 p.m. Monday. In Miami at Dinner Key Marina, they should arrive about 8:55 a.m. and 9:07 a.m.

The high water comes less than a month after another tide swamped much of South Florida, sending water over seawalls, submerging much of Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale and triggering warnings not to wade through dirty stormwater.

Comment Goodbye NATO (Score 1) 2837

The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance which has contained Russian expansion for such a long time is about to end. Eastern Europe and perhaps even Germany will be lost. Isreal my be providing more warm water ports to Russia as well.

Submission + - France could face winter power cuts, hit by nuclear dependence (

mdsolar writes: France could impose power cuts this winter due to an electricity shortage, an unprecedented step in the wealthy nation which would expose the vulnerabilities of its dependence on nuclear power.

The warning was issued on Tuesday by grid operator RTE, which said power supply had been hit by the closure of around a third of the country's ageing nuclear reactors for safety checks. The country's regulator has ordered a review of the strength of crucial steel components after the discovery of manufacturing irregularities.

France relies on nuclear for three-quarters of its power, more than any other country. RTE said the amount of nuclear power available was at a record low for this time of year, around 10,000 megawatts lower than a year ago — equivalent to more than twice the consumption of Paris and Marseille combined.

"During some periods of the day in winter, and during some days, we may need to use exceptional measures to guarantee the balance of electricity demand and supply on the network," RTE President Francois Brottes told reporters at a news conference.

RTE would start by boosting power imports and could also pay some industrial customers to switch off their machinery or curb usage, but Brottes said the gird operator might also have to impose short, rolling power blackouts in parts of the country.

Comment And what exactly is Ubuntu Budgie? (Score 4, Insightful) 49

It's pretty hilarious that neither the Slashdot summary, nor the Budgie Remix front page (which doesn't even have an About link), nor the Budgie video, nor the Softpedia link, actually say what distinguishes Budgie from any other Ubuntu.

In the absence of information, you can't blame people for thinking that it's just a remix for the purpose of being different. If that is not so, then how about providing some information that might give people a hint? You've hidden it so well that none of the news rebloggers has any idea.

Submission + - Federal regulators give Turkey Point nuclear expansion plan a key environmental (

mdsolar writes: Federal nuclear regulators have wrapped up a seven-year environmental study partly clearing the way for two new reactors at Turkey Point, just as work gets underway on a massive cleanup of leaking cooling canals connected to the plant’s old reactors.

In a two-volume 1,200-page review, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission found the use of cooling towers to operate the new reactors perched on the shores of Biscayne Bay between two national parks would do no damage to the fragile ecosystem. The approval comes as Florida Power & Light begins tackling ongoing problems at the aging cooling canals that over the years pushed an underground plume of saltwater miles inland, threatening drinking water supplies, and leaked water tainted with a radioactive tracer into Biscayne Bay.

Comment Re:Get Real (Score 1) 126

There is a demo linked at the bottom. I've also added a new second verse though I haven't recorded it.

Those little hands go groping, can’t keep them off of us.
It’s the kind of thing you brag of for charming Billy on the bus.
Got to wonder why you said it, did you want to grope him too?
They only like your money, there’s no one that ever liked you.

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