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Comment Tired of sellers begging for positive feedback (Score 1) 205

I hate ebay, in part because of the constant begging for positive feedback.

Now I'm getting it from Amazon's sellers. Every purchase that's not from Amazon itself results in emails asking me to leave positive feedback, reminders that if I haven't left feedback I still can. I got tired of that pretty quickly on ebay. "A+++++++++" seller ... gack. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but doing exactly what I paid you to do is actually "C" level work.

There's also the "used book scam" which has hit me twice. Find a relatively inexpensive copy of a rare book. Order said copy. Copy ships. Copy never arrives. "So sorry, it must have gotten lost in the mail." Next day the same seller has a copy available at 3X or even 10X the price you paid.

It appears that they get "seller's remorse" and pretend to ship you a book (with no tracking, of course) and then miraculously find another copy they can sell closer to the prevailing rate. Several sellers seem to have a lot of feedback that implies this is what's happening.

The third scam I've seen is the "I don't really have the book, but I'll have someone else ship you a copy" ... Order from seller "A", book arrives from seller "B". They offer a book at a slightly higher price and better quality than the other seller.

Comment Star Wars universe is "lived in" (Score 1) 359

This was seen as a huge difference when Star Wars came out. I'm old enough to remember the reviewers talking about how the universe looked lived in and worn, unlike the "just from the factory" cleanliness of Star Trek.

There were many comparisons between the Millennium Falcon and the Enterprise.

Comment Everyone makes $1,000,000 mistakes (Score 2) 377

During a panel discussion with very senior technical leads, the question came up: "How many of you have made a $1,000,000 mistake?"

Every single one raised their hand. This was a very large semi-conductor company, and everyone had been involved in at least one instance where bad masks were made because a check was skipped or step was botched in the design flow.

I worked on a chip design where it took six design revs to get clean masks. All five of the prior revs had avoidable (human) errors during the design and build process.

Pay me now (in time running checks) or pay me later (in nre: non-recoverable expense) for bad hardware.

Comment Discriminated against vs entitled (Score 2) 429

I think you're confusing two very different things.

Asking to be judged based upon your actual skills, and asking to have your experience valued, is not the same thing as being entitled.

I had an ex-coworker who was interviewing, and when the interviewer looked over his publication and patents, all they could say was "Gee, some of these were a long time ago."

IMHO (seeing a number of laid off friends job hunt), two things work against you as an older developer. One, if you haven't kept your skills up - that's on you. We call it "Resume-Driven Design." You need to learn and use new languages and libraries (i.e. javascript libraries). Most of us (I'm mid-50's) started in an age when companies hired talent and developed skills. Now it's about hiring skills (a more ADHD hiring process given the accelerating pace of change). Two, companies want to be fast and agile. Experience and perspective ("I've got a life" or "I've got a family") work against you in that environment. They perceive (rightly or wrongly) that older employees won't have the "run through walls" mentality that they're looking for. ... and don't discount the cultural differences. The Wall Street Journal had an article yesterday about a company that segregates its Millennials in a "Kids Table" area, because of tensions over work styles and maturity/immaturity.

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