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Submission + - Ice Cubed Mobile Cool Room Hire (

An anonymous reader writes: For all types of parties, events and other functions Ice Cubed fulfils all your requirements for mobile coolrooms hire in Melbourne at affordable price. You get the best quality coolroom right on time and receive the best service across Melbourne.
Address-77 High StThomastown VIC 3074
Phone No:- 0408 003 751

Submission + - The new app that allows e-commerce to take the next step (

illegalthoughts writes: ProductPlay is poised to become a true one-stop hub for shopping online. With our special algorithm we have created a seamless environment that finds the best user-created video reviews to allow the consumer to empower themselves and be informed when making new purchases.

Submission + - SPAM: Mobile Ad Network

justinb53d writes: Airpush developers have access to some of the most innovative ad units available, from traditional in-app banner ads to proprietary units like SmartWall.
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Submission + - Think You Have Logging? Think Again! (

JohnBert writes: "I was working with a client at a mid-size carrier on their security operations process. On several occasions we identified threats on their threat management platform, however when we went to cross correlate this on their log server we could not find the event logs. This made me suspicious of their logging infrastructure. The customer never thought to be concerned since they were collecting 1 Gig of logs per hour, and as far as they knew there were no issues."

Submission + - Buying Appliances Online - Getting all the facts.. (

appliance_guide writes: ""One of the most prevalent questions we get in our inbox these days is “should I buy online?”. With the economy in the shape that it’s in, many people are looking to shave a few bucks wherever they can. Buying appliances online can seem to be an easy way to save big bucks on a large purchase. But we think it’s usually not worth the risk. Buying an appliance package from a company that resides well outside your reach is a bad idea. But is it?""

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