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Comment Be Very Afraid? (Score 1) 1

WTF are you blathering on about?

This is actually quite interesting without the "be very afraid" bit. Whatever that means. Some sort of attempt at humor perhaps? Channeling the History Channel?

Here. Chant this over and over. It will make you feel less afraid.
Hooray for the sun god!
He sure is a fun god!
Ra! Ra! Ra!

Submission + - An early gift: ODF support in Google Drive (

An anonymous reader writes: Google's Chris DiBona told a London conference last week that ODF support was coming next year, but today the Google Drive team unexpectedly launched support for all three of the main variants — including long-absent Presentation files. You can now simply open ODT, ODS and ODP files in Drive with no fuss. It lacks support for comments and changes but at least it shows progress towards full support of the international document standard, something conspicuously missing for many years.

Comment Re: Hope it won't happen in USA, again ! (Score 2) 158

While it's true that Sadam's military was full of essentially modern day Nazis, [...]

Saddam was not a nazi. He held a iron grip over muslim factions that can't help but to kill each other. And that is exactly what they did once Saddam was removed.

Saddam Hussein was not a model leader but he was a 'moderate' if such a thing can exist in the islamic word. He also was the only one able to control all these retarded Muslim and keep them from murdering each other. He also was the only one capable of protecting the iraqis minority of other religious faith.

All the claim that he killed babies or gas villages are lies. Not believe the CIA in the 1990s made you a tinfoil-hat'er, still believing them in 2014 make you a fool.

The truth is a bit more complex. The Sunnis weren't all that upset about getting rid of Saddam. What really ticked them off was when L. Paul Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army (sending a couple hundred thousand Sunnis out into the world with no job, no money and guns) and then fired every Sunni in the Iraqi civil service.

Only then did we start to see lots of internecine violence.

Then we brought in Nuri Al-Maliki who systematically discriminated against the Sunnis in all walks of life. Which just made things much, much worse.

It was about economic and political power. Once the U.S.bought off (with huge sums of money) the Shia and the Sunnis, the violence largely stopped. After the flow of money stopped when the U.S. left Iraq, the systematic discrimination by Al-Maliki's government pushed the Sunnis right into the arms of what would become ISIS.

Even that is an oversimplification, but there were failures on all sides, and everyone is a loser.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 135

Well, clearly, if the comet has a higher D/H ratio, and Earth's water came from comets, then much of our deuterium has gone somewhere. Thus proving that the dinosaurs had an advanced technological civilization based on deuterium fusion. Too bad they didn't have a space program capable of deflecting asteroids.

As for comet 103P/Hartley 2, that was probably used as a refueling stop by extraterrestrials.

Finally! Someone with some common sense! Good show, old chap!

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 135

In the same matter I wish cosmology would create less theories based on on a single observation as one observation can neither prove or disprove theories.

Cosmology didn't claim that this observation proved anything, nor did it spark any new theories. OP made an unsupportable claim in the title. Which is complete hyperbole and not even close to what the researchers reported. Which is why I posted what you replied to.

Comment Re:Not Possible (Score 1) 135

Anything is possible. Even time travel into the past (with certain limitations).

No, Time travel to the past isn't possible at all. That would be acting like there is a physical place called the past to travel to which is physically separate from all the moving mass in the universe that we call the Present. That would require constant instantaneous non-big-bang creation of all the mass in the universe over and over again at a Planck-time like interval.. Care to show evidence for that actually happening?

It doesn't matter how some scientists choose to interpret certain equations, they are clearly misinterpreting how they actually relate to reality.

Actually, people a lot smarter than you have posited that it is, in fact, possible. It's quite unlikely, and completely beyond our abilities, but not impossible. Note that I said "possible" not feasible.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 135

Isn't it also possible that no comets will have the right D/H ratio due to that fact the there is no guarantee all the comets that hit earth had the same d/h ratio.

Anything is possible. Even time travel into the past (with certain limitations).

However, since the article I linked (and quoted/bolded the relevant text) states that they have sampled a comet that has a composition matching the D/H ratio as found here on Earth, it seems reasonable to conclude that other comets, some of which hit the Earth and some of which did not, have Earthlike D/H ratios.

What is more, since all material in the solar system coalesced from the same molecular cloud that collapsed into our star, there are likely many similarities between objects in the solar system.

N.B. I am not a planetary scientist or an astronomer studying comets, so YMMV.

Comment Re: Actually... (Score 0) 135

So what they're saying is that comets which formed in proximity to where the sampled comet formed, were not responsible for delivering significant quantities of our water.

No argument here.

There. FTFY. Not sure if you were being obtuse in attempt to be amusing or if you're just dumb as a box of rocks. Either way, have a wonderful day!

Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 42

'n/t' would have been sufficient after the 'yes', or something along the lines of, 'I am against torture', something in your own words more than the one requested. I don't care what the CIA thinks. I've read all that kind of crap since Nixon. They are 'errand boys, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill'...

But thank you for taking your valuable time to respond. I will make a note of it.

In that case, please ignore everything after "Torture is needlessly cruel and isn't productive" and you're welcome. Have a nice day!

Comment Re:My first Bennett post. (Score 3, Informative) 162

Since you deigned to post in the comments, I want to make sure that you knew that your posts are partially responsible for my slow departure from slashdot. Your poor writing skills, disorganized thought process and incredibly inane topic choices make your posts mostly unreadable.

I may post comments to your posts in the future. But, as before, it will just be to point out your real value.

I hope you have an awful day filled with uncomfortable itching and open sores. Fuck you.

Comment Yes. (Score 1) 42

Torture is needlessly cruel and isn't productive, as the CIA has reported.

From the linked article:

[A]ccording to CIA records, seven of the 39 CIA detainees known to have been subjected to the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques produced no intelligence while in CIA custody. CIA detainees who were subjected to the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques were usually subjected to the techniques immediately after being rendered to CIA custody. Other detainees provided significant accurate intelligence prior to, or without having been subjected to these techniques.

Torture produced useful intel less frequently than other methods. Information was volunteered even without the use of torture. But some who might have volunteered useful information were never given the chance, as the CIA showed a predilection for torturing first and asking questions later. And those who were tortured did what they could to end the torment.

While being subjected to the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques and afterwards, multiple CIA detainees fabricated information, resulting in faulty intelligence. Detainees provided fabricated information on critical intelligence issues, including the terrorist threats which the CIA identified as its highest priorities.
[Emphasis added]

But then, you didn't want to hear that did you? You just wanted everyone to either agree with you or ignore you. Didn't happen this time. Better luck next time, amigo.

Comment Actually... (Score 4, Informative) 135

The more informative article from the ESA website says that the Deuterium/Hydrogen (D/H) isotope ratio is significantly higher (more than three times, in fact) than that of water found on Earth.

However, The comet in question is not of the same type and composition as *all* comets. In fact, comets (even those that generally share orbits with the one sampled) vary widely in their D/H ratios. As such, the paper does not claim that comets didn't bring water to Earth, merely that comets like the one sampled (comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko) by ROSINA did not bring water to Earth.

From the better TFA:

Previous measurements of the deuterium/hydrogen (D/H) ratio in other comets have shown a wide range of values. Of the 11 comets for which measurements have been made, it is only the Jupiter-family Comet 103P/Hartley 2 that was found to match the composition of Earth’s water, in observations made by ESA’s Herschel mission in 2011. [Emphasis added]

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