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Comment 250gb monthly limit (Score 1) 698

I believe Comcast may not enforce the 250gb limit in areas where they have direct competition. Every month this year I have passed the limit in upload and download combined and last month in download alone without ever receiving a warning. In my area we also have the option of AT&T U-Verse.

Comment Re:Disappointing (Score 5, Interesting) 737

Maybe if BNet is just used for a quick auth and lobby, then a LAN game is started, that might not be so bad, but it's not looking that way.

Blizzard will obviously be doing it this way, they're just being unnecessarily cryptic. Not doing so is a surefire way for Blizzard to piss off everyone involved in E-Sports/competitive gaming.

Also, the piracy issue isn't small scale piracy at private LANs, but large scale piracy in China:

A few thing about Haofang: It is biggest gaming site in China, it has millions of users for many games including SC and WC3. It is free and using LAN(TCP/IP protocol) to allow players to play.
How Haofang works: You download a small program for Haofang, run it, tell it where your SC folder is. You join a room(max 255 players because TCP/IP can handle max to 255)then hit RUN, the little program will load your SC up and instead of log on to Bnet you go to LAN, and can find many games their to play since 255 players in the same room is a lot.
Why it is bad: Cos millions of players in China were/are/going to using pirated SC/WC3 to play without any limitation.
Why Blizzard cares: Of course they care, if even SC2 is going to last only half the life of SC the next big market is definitely China(cos Korea is given). If things going on like SC/WC3 Blizzard is going to lose tons of money.
Did Blizzard do anything about it: Yes they did but failed. A few year back Blizzard sued Haofang but lost and Haofang is continue to grow and now become the most recognize site in China(among gamers of course).
Why is Haofang able to sneak pass Blizzard: Haofang told that they only allow players play via LAN(TCP/IP) they do not do anything to mess with Blizzard and thus can not be judged. I know it is bullshit since it allows players with pirated copies play multi play which is the life SC, but it holds true in the EULA and Blizzard can do nothing about it.

Comment Re:Anyone RTFA? (Score 2, Informative) 315

From reading the opening arguments and some of the first witness, the prosecution attempts to make the case that an IP address, MAC address, a consistent username, and a specific taste in music identifies a single person. The defense tries to make the case that they don't. There's more on both sides, but I'd rather not dress up as a member of the Geek Squad and tango while I replace a hard drive.

Comment NY Times Paper (Score 1) 287

The online version of the article is missing a picture and caption that the paper version had. The paper version had a picture of Starcraft with the caption: "In World of Warcraft, thousands of players can simultaneously occupy one of the hundreds of virtual universes online. Players can explore on their own or team up with others for the more difficult challenges."


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