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Comment Re:Is it secure? (Score 2) 105

This "your precise location is never seen or handled by Google" is just manufactured truth. Yes, it is theoretically correct, but if the location is found using Wi-fi, then it must go over google's servers. Essentially the phone uploads the list of BSSIDs it sees and their strength, and google answers with a location. Its not the "exact" location, as that is a term used for GPS, but google does know and handle your non-exact location when you use their wifi service.

Comment Re:how can it be a new feature (Score 2) 105

Google supplies multiple parts of the OS. One is the runtime for the apps, the actual OS. This one is what is has the 2.3 versions etc. This is also the one that google has no direct control over, as its open source and has to go through the manufacturers first before it reaches the users.

Then there are the google play services. Its a bundle of apps developed by google, and auto-updating. These are under google's direct control, and this is where the feature was added. They can easily push it to all phones even the older ones as they can update google play services as they want.

There are phones without google play services, but they are a tiny minority. Most prominent example for android devices without play services are the amazon kindle readers.

Comment Re:Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 1) 153

Its about having to pay google 30% or not about having to pay google 30%. With their own hardware, they aren't required to do that, and apparently they believe they make more money if they sell their own hardware instead of going through google (and apple, but apple only owns a minority of the market) first.

Comment Re:Solution found (Score 4, Insightful) 83

I hate wireless everything because it means that each of these devices has batteries I have to care about. Plus, this pairing bullshit. And the security for wireless keyboards is 100x worse than for wired ones, like observable here. Even if they use encryption (which on the outside, you can't easily find out), is the encryption secure? I doubt it uses something secure like AES because for low power devices usually weaker encryption is used. And even then issues remain. Do all keyboards of a model share the same secret key? If not, is the key non guessable? Unless I have looked at it, I won't trust them a bit. And which manufacturers actually document the protocol down to this level.

Sorry, but I do not want things to be wireless. I simply don't have the time to review each of these devices.

Comment Re:Doesn't the CEO's recent comments counter this? (Score 1) 93

Its "most secure" as in "this phone enables governments to keep their countries most secure", not as in "this phone keeps the user's data most secure from the government". Or at least what blackberry thinks governments need to keep their countries secure.

All depends on the definition.

Comment Re:What do you gain from this? (Score 4, Interesting) 125

The theory I think is that you "upgrade" your phone every 1-2 years, but don't do the same for your laptop. They now want your "laptop" performance to improve with the phone upgrade as well.

Probably the most interesting part of their plan is the $99 device, its very cheap and includes everything you need. Most likely it also has a processor on board, and that processor needs to be capable enough to send the app data over the cable. It seems the app communicates over the chromecast protocol, so the processor needs to be powerful enough to decode the video codec in real time. If it can be bought independently, its probably very nice as a throw-away laptop, or for schools.

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