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Comment I use linux because (Score 4, Insightful) 255

* it has bash plus coreutils and all the other command line toolset
* its software is free as in beer (this is what made me try out linux)
* its software is free as in software (this is what made me stay on linux for so long)
* all the things I do with computers can be done with it, and when there is a case I can't do it on linux, I can always fire up the windows VM (happens very very rarely)
* it has working package management. updating software is no nightmare. Windows has to force its customers to update it, because its a nightmare.
* most support issues are talked about and you find something you can instantly do not where you have to download this little exe then execute it (and god knows what it may contain). Maybe this will get worse if/when linux adoption reaches the non technical people, its very hard to find such things for android for example.

many other things I have forgotten, but I will surely miss when I have to use windows or mac.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 2) 365

Self driving cars don't need to be safer than the most safe human driver, they only need to be safer than the average human driver. And those are pretty disregarding of safety. So yes, maybe for a safe driver stepping into a self driving car will the risk will be increased, but for most people it will be lower.

This is declared intent to cause injury

If it crashes into the tree, it injures the driver. It will cause injury one way or another.

Comment Re:single parents != females (Score 1) 149

Personally, I think life's too short, and I have more stuff to do than work.

Its great that you have this position for yourself, which I do have as well, but that doesn't mean that everyone who is working harder shouldn't be rewarded for it.

But we currently have moved toward a cutthroat environment that often rewards those who work long hours, never take vacation, sick days, or other leave, etc. Is that really the working environment you prefer?

If those people do these sacrifices, and their overall performance actually does get better, then it should only be natural to reward them. Everything else would be unfair.

Currently, well-educated "career women" tend to have some of the lowest birthrates, likely because of the feedback factors you identify. They prioritize work to get ahead, and then either wait until it's too late to have kids, or only have one or whatever.

There are even many great men who didn't have children because they didn't have the time, Nikola Tesla is an example. But this is simply the deal you have to make, raising children takes time, such as doing work.

but there are actually good long-term social reasons to support parents, particularly those who are intelligent enough, educated enough, and responsible enough to do well at work.

I agree with the idea of helping such parents to raise children. However, this can be done e.g. by tax cuts if you have children / extra taxes if you have none. Why should the employer be part of the story? The employer the same benefit in an employee leaving to take care of their children than if that employee stayed home to watch TV or to drink in a bar.

Comment Re:single parents != females (Score 1) 149

However, what do you do if most of the people around you want a more moderating society, and they expect an economic environment that promotes working and raising a family?

Yes but most of the reasoning those people who want such a society use is claiming that women get less for doing the same work, or similar. They either lie about or don't even know it themselves.

And yes, I do think that each couple should decide for themselves whether they want a single payer household, or where both parents work, or one parent works only half time, or similar. But I think its ridiculous to give the parent who works only half time the same money as the full time parent just to be "fair to women" or some bullshit like that. Its not fair if you don't devote as much time to it.

If you want to promote people who make money to raise children, just give them tax cuts instead. It should not be the responsibility of the companies to raise the children of their workers, just as it isn't the responsibility of your lawnmower company to plant grass seeds.

Comment Re:single parents != females (Score 1) 149

The problem was, this also meant a career-first woman who doesn't want to start having children is penalized because it's assumed she'll want to marry, have kids, etc.

Yes, if this is happening (and I guess it does), it an actual bad thing and needs to be fought. Most feminist don't make this difference though, and claim the pay gap is due to evil men hating women and wanting them to "stay in the kitchen" or something.

Comment Re:How dows this make sense? (Score 2) 149

Yes, but being a single parent is a risk factor. You usually don't have as much time to focus on your job, etc. Or it can be the opposite: if you have a child, you want the best for them and maybe make extra sure you keep your current job, etc.

And about skin color, blacks have a larger unemployment rate than whites:


So you are not supposed to look at the employment status because due to this you might infer the skin color and apply racist bias? This is just totally nuts. Of course, you should not use skin color information to infer employment status, which would be racist, but using employment status information to make your loan decision should be possible, just as using information on whether you are a single parent or not.

Comment single parents != females (Score 3) 149

If even machines come up with measurable differences between work performance of males and females, then I think giving them in average the same amount of money or the same promotions is discrimination. I'm all for giving a woman who performs just as well as a man the same money, but if there are additional risk factors like a pregnancy or when the parent has to raise child, the person usually prioritizes these things over work, so why should work not be allowed to prioritize that person over others who do not raise children or do not drop out for weeks and months out of some work-external reason.

Comment Re:Skype alternatives (Score 2) 42

If you have modern browsers at both sides of the connection (supporting webrtc: http://caniuse.com/#feat=rtcpe...), there are many online sites that require no account setup or anything else, and where a connection can be done by clicking a link. No plugins required.

It needs a separate channel e.g. chat to set it up (where you can send your communication partner the link, or ask them to talk via the webrtc), but it works.


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