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Comment Re:National instant-runoff (single transferable vo (Score 1) 448

In fact I could even live with the electoral college, if the states each selected their electors with STV and not FPTP and winner takes it all, but apparently it doesn't fulfill its intended purpose: https://youtu.be/7wC42HgLA4k?t... and https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

My main problem with the US election is that it uses an FPTP system.

Also, the democrats commit voter fraud by driving people over state lines with busses (this was captured by undercover journalists ON TAPE AND VIDEO), and yet no criminal charges were raised WTF. The republicans have abused the system as well, by gerrymandering. This is what gave them so many seats in this election.

Its bad too that often, voters have to wait for hours in the queue to be able to cast their vote. This is not just bad for the voters, maybe in many areas voters may simply not want to vote next time because they'll have to wait for so long. Using this the outcome of the election can be influenced, and this is bad in my eyes. There should rather be overcapacities available than undercapacities.

Also, its bad that the election is on a tuesday, on which people usually work. Add that to the queue argument from above. Why not put it on a sunday, or, if you think that people should go to church on sundays, make it a national holiday.

Comment conspiracy theory became media story (Score 1) 286

Its quite remarkable that the same papers disregarded as a conspiracy theory before is now a story on the newspaper. I always thought this was an issue: https://politics.slashdot.org/...

Either way, lets hope that computerized ballots get abolished, and the voting system gets reformed, so that each state uses the system maine just agreed to use: https://ballotpedia.org/Maine_...

Or even better, abolish the electoral college and implement such a ranked system based on the popular vote, but that will probably be even harder to implement I guess.

Comment Re:So sad that SJWs were the reason (Score 2) 154

Crying foul after winning is like playing a victim when you win. It just does not work.

I'm no republican supporter, in fact quite the contrary. Republicans are the graver of two evils. I'm just not a blind supporter of the democrats who thinks everything they do is great.

Comment Re:So sad that SJWs were the reason (Score 1) 154

You are applying stereotypes here. Just because I'm critical of SJWs doesn't mean that I condone rape threats or similar bad behavior on forums. Still, these people usually do it because they want a counter reaction, and this is what you give them when you reply to them or express "disgust" about them. So don't feed the trolls! Sorry for breaking this rule by writing this reply.

Comment So sad that SJWs were the reason (Score 4, Interesting) 154

I think that personalized news sites are orwellian and they create an echo chamber. You can't form an informed opinion if you only get news that already have your opinion.

Instead of banning these sites out of this reason like it should be done, they are removed because the filters are not conforming with what SJWs think is non-"offensive" articles.

Its so sad that reports about Clinton's corruption is classified as fake news by the SJWs who only care about "microagressions" and "pussy grabbing" instead of real crime.

Similarly the undercover footage that proved how the democrats have rigged elections (by abusing tolerant state laws and driving over voters with busses) and paid protesters since decades went almost unnoticed by the mainstream media (only Fox reported about it I think).

I don't agree with republicans about most of their issues, and clearly Clinton was the candidate I was rooting for, but in this election almost all of the mainstream media have supported clinton, and I still think that journalism critical about the democrats should be allowed.

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