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Comment Re:Reminds me of a crazy, hot girlfriend (Score 5, Insightful) 294

You get an economic benefit from mistreating and neglecting her. If she freaks out, you don't have to pay for the outcome, the federals do. Just look at japan, where tepco now got money from the government to clean up the fukushima mess. And in this case, the feds have to pay as well.

So if there is no consequence to fear, why shouldn't you mistreat and neglect her?

Comment Re:It's not Linux (Score 1) 291

Yes, the high percentage of devs on linux/mac computers has scared microsoft (if trends continue, the next stack overflow developer survey will have less than 50% of devs on windows). Even though they do annoy customers, they still cling to their monopoly, as it allows them to annoy customers.

They didn't do it because they liked linux. They did it to convince devs to move from linux to windows, because now the devs can enjoy both the features of the linux world and the features of the windows world.

Comment Re:Microsoft's underestimating their legacy base (Score 1) 392

It should be a lesson that if you build on proprietary technologies, you might end up in a mess if the owner of the technology abandons it in favor of a better alternative. Use open non proprietary technologies, they live much much longer. Take TCP for example, everyone still uses it. There were probably tons of proprietary competitors to TCP, but all of them died because in the long (and I mean decades) run, open solutions win.

Comment Re:Did KDE survive KDE3-KDE4? (Score 1) 506

Three KDE applications I really like (and use, although I don't do much profiling so not using kcachegrind that often):

* KDE connect
* Kcachegrind
* Kate

Yes, there are totally shitty ones I don't like for example amarok. But some of the KDE programs are really good and useful etc.

Comment Re:Trust busting (Score 1) 256

And it's several steps advanced from the original case that Microsoft was convicted for, which was bundling Internet Explorer with Windows 95.

But that was way before there were dozens of billions being made with such systems. Look at google, they have featured invasive ads for their chrome browser on the most popluar website on the internet. Any punishment? None. Or take google apps. Abusing their monopoly is the only control they have in fact over android, the remainder is open sourced. On the smartphone maket, google approaches monopoly status.

Or take systemd. It bundles many services and is forced down the throats of thousands of gnu/linux users. Thanks to it, everyone is forced to use binary logging if they want to use udev.

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