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Comment Re:Has slashdot comments too (Score 1) 610

She is the lesser of two evils. In an ideal world, she would be persecuted for all the crimes she and her family commited, and she would be banned from public offices, but as the alternative is even more horrible, I think she should become president.

Trump wants to make peace with russia, that's nice, but he also wants to charge protection money from the western countries, and he didn't really get the message about climate change. The horrible TTIP deal, all this paperwork can be reversed, but if the USA is going to continue pollution, or even expand it, this will have an irreversible and unstoppable impact on global climate.

Comment Re:Because Reddit is a great source of detective w (Score 1) 610

That's why governments (counting police as part of the government) usually employ professionals who do this as their day jobs. The whole process is bound to certain rules, like the rule of no punishment without a court ruling, or the presumption of innocence, and it is usually better than an investigation done by an angry mob of laymen. But sometimes this system doesn't work, for example when it affects someone higher up. I can totally understand the government employees who refrain from investigating their higher ups. In a democracy you have the press and public to take over that task.

Comment Has slashdot comments too (Score 5, Insightful) 610

Seems there is a slashdot user named stonetear as well.

His comments:

on Tuesday April 16, 2002, (archived link)

The IIS patches aren't on liveupdate, you have to go get them

on Thursday January 24, 2002, (archived link)

I'm contracted to a state government, and let me tell you, everyone here saves EVERYthing for cover-your-ass purposes.. it's really sad to see every little memo back to 1997 in someone's inbox taking up PHAT amounts of disk space on the GroupWise server ... sigh

Thursday July 19, 2001, (archived link)

Gasbag Joe Liberman ... LOL right on! I just moved from Michigan, and he's one quack I'm not sorry to see gone. Well everyone knows that the liberal agenda includes removing any personal responsibility or blame for your actions from you, and putting them in the lap of big scary corporations and 'the internet' and such. Blah. ;) ST

Note: I do think clinton should win, but I'm still doing this, and if its just for transparency purposes.

Comment Re:It's the Incentives, Stupid (Score 1) 534

They work like this: there's a problem costing the public money, whether that's in cash or years of life lost due to illness or whatever. Fix it, prove you did (that's the hard part), and collect a percentage of the money you saved.

There is another tool to solve these things: the market. Its designed in a way so that solutions with a low cost are prefferred over solutions with a high cost. The problem in many cases though are externalities which introduce an imperfection to the market by not making some costs show up in the price tag of products on the market, thus making those products more competitive and maybe more likely to be chosen than alternative products that do not cause such hidden costs.

To solve this, externalities can be internalized. Just require the company to pay for the damages their specific product causes to the public, and then send those funds to the people who suffer under the product. Then the company has to raise prices for their product, and on the market customers may now prefer different products instead of the one with the externalities. And if there is no viable alternative, its fine as well, as the people who suffer under the externality are now compensated.

Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

He almost certainly didn't get a license of sharing the video with the world. If he lived in GB, he'd be now in prison for copyright violation, and the punishment for putting the video online would've been worse than if he'd raped her instead as revenge. Or at least when the new law gets into place.

Comment Re:what a load of shit (Score 1) 233

You're ignoring two aspects of the SDC though.

Agreed, with smart cars streets will be able to handle lots of more traffic, and in situations where you have no pedestrians nor cyclists, you won't even need lights anymore. There will still be a limit though, so my argument from above still applies.

Or even better, you might not even own a car directly any longer

I'm not sure whether I'll want that. Some people don't care about keeping something clean when they are not watched and its not theirs, and i don't want to be greeted by puke on the seat I want to sit down on. But probably I won't have much of a choice when car prices rise drastically due to the smaller number of cars being manufactured as almost all cars become shared.

Comment Re:what a load of shit (Score 1) 233

Because the commute is less tedious more people might also move from the city center to the suburbs


Its the classical problem of improving infrastructure that leads into a city: if the road is crammed and full with cars, everyone will demand that it gets expanded/more lanes, etc. Then, once that's done, people move into the suburbs with the argument that "in a half hour, you are already in the city center". More people start using the road as they moved to the suburbs. The increase will stop where the road is crammed again. The only thing that changed is that everyone now has a garden and doesn't have to live in a rented flat in a building with 15 or more floors.

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