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Comment Obvious omission (Score 5, Interesting) 98

This article attempts to make a assessment of the quality of game journalism, without mentioning Edge, which is one of the most well received papers by the games industry. Indeed, Kotaku (which is banned from even mainstream forums such as Neogaf due to its poor quality) and Destructoid are not aiming for quality but general coverage. To my knowledge, Edge is the only gaming publication that attempts to write reviews and games theory articles on par with what movie and music critics do.

Comment Depth (Score 1) 405

In my eyes, GITS provides a very deep reflexion on the nature of what might become. In particular, it has been a pioneer in issues such as transhumanism, the impact of AI vs biological intelligence, the nature and value of interpersonal relations, the changes in the notion of self and identity in a world where you can change your body as if it were a utility, and the cutural impact of "dehumanization". I sincerely hope Spielberg can capture the depth of the movies and series.

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