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Comment Re:...or they could just fix the problem (Score 1) 155

At least make the analogy accurate: Samsung -----> Note -----> Note Explodes -----> No longer making note. Still making other model, such as Galaxy 7, Tablets, etc Ford ------------> Pinto ----> Pinto Explodes -----> No longer makes FORDS --- WEH??? The correct analogy would be that Ford should no longer make the Pinto - DING DING!

Comment A is to B as C is to D (Score 1) 229

A is to B as C is to D - in a logical world, no information is given about the relationship of A to C. In the media, even the "techy" media or the "nerdy" media, an analogy is ALL about the relationship of A to C. Hence we see scads of NOLO's (non-logicals) screaming - They're comparing the internet to double-stuffed Oreos! They're comparing Immigrants to Skittles! Just take a logic 110 course - PUH-lease!

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