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Comment Solutions (Score 1) 325

Use a browser like Opera Mini on your phone. Use the browser with an Amazon tablet. Both user cloud technology to cache pages, greatly enhancing the loading of pages. Similar solutions are available on the desktop. Adblock helps reduce page load time also.So...with just a little work you can find your own solution.

Comment Job Creator (Score 1) 332

Actually, this is what keeps so many developers employed. When software becomes overwhelmingly difficult to maintain due to sloppy development and project management practices, managers come to believe that the solution is switching to the latest cool technology, and a rewrite begins. Eventually, since the underlying sloppy methodologies remain in place, the cycle repeats. What drives this cycle? Managers, team leaders, customers, stakeholders never want to admit that they are the problem. It's human nature. So, c'mon Micro-services, heal us!

Comment Re:...or they could just fix the problem (Score 1) 158

At least make the analogy accurate: Samsung -----> Note -----> Note Explodes -----> No longer making note. Still making other model, such as Galaxy 7, Tablets, etc Ford ------------> Pinto ----> Pinto Explodes -----> No longer makes FORDS --- WEH??? The correct analogy would be that Ford should no longer make the Pinto - DING DING!

Comment A is to B as C is to D (Score 1) 229

A is to B as C is to D - in a logical world, no information is given about the relationship of A to C. In the media, even the "techy" media or the "nerdy" media, an analogy is ALL about the relationship of A to C. Hence we see scads of NOLO's (non-logicals) screaming - They're comparing the internet to double-stuffed Oreos! They're comparing Immigrants to Skittles! Just take a logic 110 course - PUH-lease!

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