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Comment Re:convicted monopolist shuts down open source dep (Score 1) 110

Open source without collaboration is pointless. A code dump by itself often is not enough encourage collaboration. If there's a lot of bad blood between you and would be contributors then you might as well just keep it to yourself. It really is best not to ignore social component even if the licence doesn't mention it.

Comment Re: Worrysome (Score 1) 128

Positive: The device won't cut off your hands.
Negative: The device will cut off your head.

Maybe it's not so bad?
Positive: It won't cut off your head.
Negative: It will cut off your hands.

Still no?
Positive: It won't cut off your head, your kids are entertained and happy because...
Negative: For about 20% of uses shocks the shit outta you.

Still not enough? Ok
Positive: This device is great, doesn't chop off your head or hands and it doesn't shock you.
Negative: After about 3 months of heavy usage a small bit of plastic will break rendering the device inoperable. However it's easy to fix and you're a do-it-yourself guy. $1 at a local hardware store and it's good as new and will last you for many years to come.

Perhaps it's best to look at all the facts rather than just the positive ones.

Comment Re:Unknown? (Score 1) 63

There are a number of developers for whom we were unable to determine a corporate affiliation; those are grouped under “unknown” in the table below. With few exceptions, all of the people in this category have contributed ten or fewer changes to the kernel over the past three years, yet the large number of these developers causes their total contribution to be quite high.

The category “none,” instead, represents developers who are known to be doing this work on their own, with no financial contribution happening from any company.

"Unknown" means they don't know if the author's work is sponsored.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 340

I grew up on DOS and can probably still fit more TSRs between 0xA0000–0xFFFFF than most. I grew out of it because, despite being very familiar with it, it just wasn't that great. I've been through many transitions over the years and the one to systemd was one of the most enjoyable. I have more control and I don't have to figure it out for every distribution like I do with those god awful shell scripts that need pages of distribution specific "boiler plating" in a vain attempt to make them robust.

Comment Re:Mac has superior model (Score 1) 829

I'm running a modern, full featured, OS on my decade old hardware. What's even more remarkable is that I have binaries from 2004 (coming up on a decade) that run just fine too. If I looked around I'm sure I could find older binaries that still work despite being built so long ago. I am considering switching to a lighter weight desktop environment, however. I won't trouble you by using the L word, but it seems to work fine for me without all that loud ticking.

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