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Submission + - Beryl to Remerge with Compiz

jeevesbond writes: "The merge is on:

Well, I've read all the arguments, and I think I may have been being overly cautious. It is indeed a concern that we might lose our freedom in a 'merge', but I have been convinced that it isn't a major concern (and of course we reserve the right to re-fork).

Submission + - 5 Common Exercises That R Actually Bad for Health

Ant writes: "This MSN Health & Fitness article on five common exercises people should never do: "The test of time usually works. Futile fads like sweatboxes, vibrating belts, and most tips from the odd, ponytailed Tony Little have died out quickly enough. But a few bad exercises have persisted, and exercise physiologists don't see how these ineffective and sometimes dangerous maneuvers have survived. Take the sit-up, which can be quite damaging if done improperly... Seen on Neatorama."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - On the Rain-Slick

Runefox writes: Kotaku is currently reporting on a user-submitted trailer for the upcoming indie game based on the infamous webcomic, Penny Arcade. Using the Torque Engine, the game is being produced by Hothead Games, and overseen by the creators of Penny Arcade, themselves. Here's the Kotaku article, and here's the video. While almost all can agree that the graphics, as they are now, will give small children nightmares, so, too, can most everyone agree that 'Fruit Fucker' is simply awesome.

Submission + - Interview with Tesla Motors CEO

hlovy writes: "Martin Eberhard believes in the innate desire of that unique and peculiar animal — the American automobile driver — to do the right thing But Eberhard also knows another inherent truth about the U.S. species of car consumer: The "doing the right thing" instinct is almost always subordinated to an even stronger natural urge... to own a cool ride. More here. Or, you can read my interview with Eberhard here."

Feed Will MySpace Fly in Japan? (

The me-first attitude that makes the social networking site so successful in the United States may not play well in Japan, a more socially integrated society. By the Associated Press.

Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Best games of the previous generation?

Hatta writes: I'm an avid gamer, but the hot new games never appealed to me. In fact, I'm perpetually a generation behind. I figure that games don't get any less fun because they're old. So with the recent release of the xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, it's about time for me to pick up a PS2 or XBOX. What games stand out as classics on each system? I'm particularly interested in RPGs, adventure games, platformers, and anything that's just too unique to miss.

Submission + - Princeton Closes PEAR

slimchance writes: The CBC reports that Princeton University has closed down PEAR:

From the article:

"For 28 years, we've done what we wanted to do, and there's no reason to stay and generate more of the same data," he told the New York Times. "If people don't believe us after all the results we've produced, they never will."
If they can do this to PEAR, what's next, Apache?

'Daylight Savings Bugs' Loom 403

An anonymous reader writes "ZDNet has front page coverage of the looming daylight savings changeover, and the bugs that may crop up this year. With the extension of daylight savings time by four weeks, some engineers and programmers are warning that unprepared companies will experience serious problems in March. While companies like Microsoft have already patched their software, Gartner is warning that bugs in the travel and banking sectors could have unforeseen consequences in the coming months. ' In addition, trading applications might execute purchases and sales at the wrong time, and cell phone-billing software could charge peak rates at off-peak hours. On top of that, the effect is expected to be felt around the world: Canada and Bermuda are conforming to the U.S.-mandated change, and time zone shifts have happened in other locales as well.'" Is this just more Y2K doomsaying, or do you think there's a serious problem here?

Submission + - Weaving cartilage in 3-D

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Today, people who suffer from cartilage damage don't have effective therapies at their disposal. But now, researchers at the Duke University Medical Center have developed a weaving machine to repair cartilage. Using a patient's own stem cells in conjunction with their new three-dimensional fabric "scaffold" could lead to a better way to repair damaged joints. And the new cartilage created by using this method has the same mechanical properties as native cartilage, which is not the case of today's laboratory-grown cartilage. The researchers expect to start clinical trials in three or four years. Read more for additional references and pictures of this weaving machine and what it can build."

Submission + - The Communnity Forum

An anonymous reader writes:, a clearinghouse for discussing various XForms implementations, has recently launched. It contains significant information for people looking for XForms information. The new site offers comprehensive information about W3C XForms standard and activities, XForms Vendors-Industry News, and open source XForms projects. also focuses on underlying XForms issues of design, usage and application. is a great place to learn how XForms intergrates with XML, Databases, Server Languages, and Ajax. This new community provides insight into various web/browser based XForms solutions.

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