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Comment Re:Iceland (Score 1) 364

The first point is simple math/logic. If the 1%-ers own 50% of the wealth, if you then distribute that to the other 99% they only get roughly double of diddlee-squat they started with! And double of 'below the poverty line' does not make one rich, by any stretch. The pyramid (scheme) of wealth is one of the cornerstones of Capitalism after all. We all get sold the promise of becoming one of the lucky ~5% who will make it eventually. Most of us just end up being donkeys & mules for those 5%. I wouldn't even think that most of those 5% are all happy/content/at peace with their grand achievements either, at the end of their careers/lives.

Another quote/wise words from a book by Noel Whittaker "Making Money Made Simple" from my youth: "If you make the pursuit of wealth your #1 goal, to the exclusion of all else, including love, family, friends, fame, happiness, etc...then you are bound to succeed". That's the simple formula for getting rich - and you don't have to be especially smart, good looking, well hung, or well connected to achieve that end (most rich people aren't/weren't before they got there...).

Comment Panama postless (Score 3, Insightful) 364

Not so surprisingly, Slashdot is about the only regular site I go to that I've found allowing comments on this leak. Most news sites & others I frequent have them all disabled. Funny that. Journalistic bravery, or self-preservation? :)

Even less surprisingly, top Russian communist leader corrupt...news at 11.

In any case, rather than follow the money, just keep en eye out for Mossack Fonseca's execs who are reported suddenly 'missing', or have 'accidents' in the near future. The shitstorm over this hasn't even begun yet. Popcorn time.

Comment Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1, Insightful) 204

Exactly. Not to mention they were recently selling max level characters for something or other. So it's ok if Blizztard sells you cheats, but not so if a Chinese entrepreneur does the same thing...? Right. At least EVE Online is honest in its own corruption.

100K is a good start - only 7 million to go. Then other mmorpgs might come out from under the shadow of the worst mmo to ever excrete itself onto a finite market.
To think, this drek keeps on going & going, whereas innovative, quality mmos like CoX go under. At least there's the likes of GW2 - B2P - buy once, play forever.

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