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Journal Journal: AppleScreenShotFormat

You can set the type of image created by typing the following in Terminal:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleScreenShotFormat [imageFormat]

where [imageFormat] can be JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or PICT (TIFF is the default). It's likely you'll have to logout/login to get the changes to take effect.

Comment Re:My Burning Man article and photos (Score 1) 352

I haven't looked into adding my photos to the BM site. I'll have to see if they are interested.

I kept the lens free of playa dust by using a brush that had a small rubber bulb on it (to gently blow away dust). I got this at a camera supply store. I also kept the camera in a zip lock bag whenever I wasn't actively shooting a photo.

One of the burners had a airtight plastic enclosure on her camera (apparently used for underwater shoots). I plan on acquiring one of those for next year.

Journal Journal: Useful XP Tweak Programs

From a Run command (Win+R):

msconfig (system configuration utility)

services.msc (services editor)

gpedit.msc (group policy editor)

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