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Comment Re:Ouch (Score 1) 849

I can't remember when/where i heard it, but I was told that it's illegal to do things like flipping off drivers or swearing at them from your own vehicle. Some sort of aggressive driving law or something. That was in Virginia though, I don't know if it's applicable elsewhere.

Comment Re:Darwin (Score 1) 517

I text while I drive all the time, but I follow similar rules. If I've got a passenger who is familiar with my friend and my phone, I hand them my phone and they text for me. I never text in situations that involve merging, turning, or low speeds where stopping is more likely. I also drive a manual, so that increases when I cannot text.

My life comes before my phone, I've dropped my phone with no regard when I suddenly hit a patch of bad traffic. I picked it up when it was appropriate and apologized to the person. I get quiet when I am in traffic that involves concentration, and when I do text, I don't look down. I hold the phone by the wheel with traffic in the background. This way, my hand is already by the wheel should I need to drop the phone and grab it, and I don't have a delay in switching my viewing plane. It helps to know the keypad and all it's shortcuts too.

It does annoy me that there are drivers who put their phone before their driving, I've seen it, and I've taken their phones as passengers to make them focus. It's cheaper than dying.

Media (Apple)

Submission + - First iPhone Class-Action Suit Against Apple, AT&a (

An anonymous reader writes: 'It was bound to happen. It seems that a guy called Trujillo has been the first to file a class-action suit against Apple and AT&T because of the iPhone. The reason? You guessed, it's the battery. Read all about this dumbtastically stupid lawsuit, including the entire complaint text, here.' Apparently, half of the allegations are false, but given the state of the legal system, I bet Apple will settle eventually with a bunch of morons. (As a side note, I can perfectly imagine Jobs saying what he's saying in the illustration. Makes me laugh)

University of Kansas Will Not Forward RIAA Letters 126

Bonewalker writes "Looks like the University of Kansas may not be as pro-RIAA (or anti-student) as initially assumed last week from our recent discussion. From the Chronicle article: 'Kansas officials told the student newspaper that they will not heed the recording industry's request to pass pre-litigation notices on to 14 students accused of music piracy. Many institutions have forwarded the letters -- which offer students a chance to settle file-sharing claims out of court at discounted rates -- but some have declined to do so, citing concerns over students' privacy.' Of course, this doesn't make that 'one-strike' policy any less flawed, but it shows that they aren't simply throwing their students under the RIAA bus, as one poster put it."

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