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Comment From Cool Tools (Score 1) 695

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools recently had a write up at regarding Generac Guardian Automatic Standby Generator. It is more detailed than I could be on the subject. The most import thing is making sure that the generator output (kW/hr) is greater than your probable consumption during a blackout. When determining which systems will run off the generator, consider other creature comforts, such as running the hot-water heater and some/all of the electrical outlets in the kitchen (for charging cell phones, making coffee, etc.); however, such additions will add to consumption calculation.

Comment More Information at (Score 4, Informative) 1046

More information about AACS's (Access Content System Licensing Administrator, LLC) take down notices can be found at:

and specifically: otice.cgi?NoticeID=7180

They give an example of AACS's take down notices and pretty good legal analysis of its contents.

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