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Comment Re:Decent was descent (Score 1) 251

I would make people nauseous watching me play, mostly because I was one of those people who felt that an absolute up and down were meaningless in a free fall environment. Up was whatever happened to be above me at the moment, down whatever near the bottom of my ship. I noticed that many of the people I would play against stuck with the locked up/down that they started with, which worked out well for me as people look either down or to the sides, and "up" last of all...

Comment Re:Hell Yes! (Score 1) 251

The spaceOrb was almost cheating once you got the hang of it. I remember playing the Mega Team Fortress mod for Quake... the Concussion Grenades caused your viewpoint to wobble in a figure 8 pattern that got smaller as it wore off, I could run as if unaffected by the grenade because I countered the movement without actively thinking about it. Also being able to jump, while moving and being able to turn independently was a huge bonus .

Comment Re:Of course people who navigate... (Score 1) 97

I was a living example of this on my trip to Japan. At first I only rode the subway everywhere... I knew which stops to get off at and which direction to go from there. Then I got a map and realized that I could walk to most of the places I wanted to go in about the same amount of time it took to take the subway, because I need not go out of my way being only able to follow preset limited transportation routes. Not to mention I got to see a lot more interesting places.

I used the subway when going back to the hotel from shopping, but to get to the electronics district in Osaka I tended to walk (unless the weather wasn't decent).

    Before then I had no notion of the spatial relationship of the hotel to the various shops.

Comment Re:Just kick him out. (Score 1) 338

I'd much rather give it to an organization that I can check references on that would provide those things to the person until they can provide for themselves. I do this for two reasons 1) the person cannot blow it on drugs,alcohol, hookers, or bathsalts. 2) I get a tax write off. The fact that my dollar is probably doing a lot more work doesn't factor into my personal reasons, but it might for some people.

Comment Re:In defiance of Betteridge's law of headline: ye (Score 1) 333

That's the thing that kills me about the tablets, or even my smart phone. I like being able to read my books on the go, but the fact is if I spend a couple hours reading a book on a non dedicated platform, the battery is getting low. Many e readers are still able to run for days of reading without having to be tethered to something.

Comment Re:"Factory Reset" means nothing on the 360... (Score 1) 106

You are correct, it's your shit now. Microsoft isn't stopping you from selling your shit. It's like bitching that the dealership won't help you transfer the title on the car you bought from them when you sell it to someone else several years later. It's your job to deal with that because it's your shit now.

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