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Comment This is only the beginning.. (Score 1) 642

The UK govt is testing the water to see whether the people will actually stand up for their online rights. Yes, its just an 'opt-in' for now but its unlikely that will be the last we hear of this.

Of course, this being the UK, there is little/no chance of that happening, and they probably know that. The net here is still viewed by the majority as a privilege, rather than a god-given right.

I wouldn't be surprised if the EU leaders were in on this. They may be considering an EU-wide filter post-Wikileaks and know that they are likely to encounter little opposition in the acquiescent UK population, start with the weaker links in the chain and move on.

Comment Do what other developers are doing... (Score 1) 386

...stop supporting anything older than Eclair (2.1). Most of the Android phones that still run the OS version before Eclair are too weak hardware-wise to expect to be able to use the latest apps. Nearly all major Android phones that i know of have a version of froyo-based Cyanogenmod (2.2) ready for them. There aren't many reasons to keep supporting older Android OSs.

Comment get a clue (Score 1) 443

Note to Ubisoft and other big game producers: keep treating your customers like potential criminals and they will continue to live up to your expectations. Maybe at some point you will realise that we would have gladly handed over cash for a quality product, but by that time our opinion of you will be so low that even if you all managed to somehow band together and release the best game since X-Com (subjective) we wouldn't even notice. Seriously, these game producers need to get a clue and see where their efforts in DRM have got them so far.

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