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Comment Re:Is this even legally binding? (Score 1) 270

In the Netherlands these do not have any legal base. I can accept any EULA without being worried one bit about the contents.

First of all they would have to prove I signed the EULA and not someone else installing the software for me. If someone else installed it, the EULA would be applicable to him/her and not me since I never read or agreed to the contents in the EULA.

Second I have to be able to read the EULA BEFORE I buy the software, not after I have bought it or they need to provide the means to me the reject the EULA, send the software back and reimburse me. Since almost every shop in the Netherlands does not accept returns on software for which the seal has been broken, the seal I needed to break before I could read the EULA, the EULA has been forced on me without giving me the choice of being able to reject it without any losses.

Third, the law always precedes the EULA, or any contract for that matter. I can put anything I want in a contract with someone else and sign it. If it conflicts with the law, the law applies and that part of the contract is nullified.

This might even be applicable to the entire EU.

Comment Re:GPS? (Score 1) 257

Increasing the fine will not help if people know they will not get caught.

A lot of people download music, videos, games, everything. Even though they know the fines are insanely high, high enough to bankrupt someone if they ever get caught. But people still do it. If they knew the would get caught immediately if they even tried to type in piratebay, people would never do it.

On the road, people break the law all the time, unless they see a police car driving around. Then no-one even thinks about driving too fast, cutting someone off or tailgating. Because they know they will get a fine if they see a police car. Same with speed traps, people immediately brake below the speed limit when they spot one, even though the fine might be relatively cheap.


Submission + - Heat pulses enable 200Gb/s hard drives (

An anonymous reader writes: Today we are stuck with 6Gb/s SATA transfer speeds, but that could jump to 200Gb/s in the near future due to a breakthrough in how to write data to a magentic disc. Research being carried out at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland has discovered you don't need a magentic field to switch the poles of a magnet. Instead, you can use a heat pulse shot from a short range laser.

The switch to heat pulses means a bit of data can be written in several picoseconds as oppossed to the several nanoseconds of today's magentic hard drives. It also means less power is required and more data can be stored in the same space. There really doesn't seem to be any downsides to this technique, and it has already been proven to work using magneto-optical microscopy on thin films.

I wonder if they can somehow collaborate with IBM who is working on those 400TB hard drives?

Comment Re:10% Ethanol (Score 1) 556

Is that not just due to your car using more fuel until it has heated up?

It is a well known fact that cars use more fuel when they are cold compared to when they are warm.

I notice that with my car. When I drive a lot of short distances I get about a 10% drop in km/l compared to when I drive a lot of long distances during the winter period.

Comment Re:My Car's Factory Warranty is About to Expire! (Score 2) 228

My mother had a fun experience once with a telemarketer about the mortgage on her house. The telemarketer kept insisting that they could provide a cheaper mortgage. She wanted to get a written promise from them that they would be cheaper than her current mortgage but they couldn't provide her with one.

In the end she had something else to do so she told them she had no mortgage (which is true btw) and the telemarketer got angry at her for wasting his time.

Comment Re:Needs to stop (Score 1) 397

That's actually very close to what we have here.

In fact the crux of the issue was that the main provider wanted to increase those "reasonable fee's" to the point where 3rd party providers would pretty much have to do caps/usage based billing to stay out of the red.

The maximum amount of fee's they can ask for the service are capped by the government to prevent that from occurring. It's actually a good working system here. We have a wide variety of ISP's to choose from.

They are also investigating the possibility of doing the same with the cable market, but we do not get much progress there currently.

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