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Comment Re:Too much sacrifice for openness (Score 1) 359

Had that, too, but I thought it was due to the crappy digitizer used by the N1 (and the HTC Desire). TBH, I loved my N1 to death, but looking back from my GNex it really was a piece of shit device. I always thought that's why Google went away from HTC and launched the Nexus S so fast after the N1.

Comment Re:A Luxury (Score 1) 332

In some countries to have those *are* rights already. Americans usually call them "socialist". Here in Germany it is your right to ask for housing, food and money, in case you currently can't provide for yourself, no questions asked (well, very little and you can lose the money, but you're still being fed).

I wouldn't call that "human right", though. A "human right" should be limited to severe issues, like not being killed.

Comment Re:There is - far less (Score 1) 433

Really? I got my Kindle six months ago and I couldn't find a way to pay for a ZEIT subscription without credit card. TBH, that was the only worthwhile thing I saw back then. Was thoroughly surprised by The Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg that contains searchable Links to all the Project Guttenberg books in one E-Book. Once the novelty wore off I realized that electronic reading isn't for me, though.

Comment Re:There is - far less (Score 1) 433

Don't have a credit card, so I can neither obtain Books for Kindle, nor Apps from Google Play Store. Schizophrenic thing is, I can obtain anything from with my debit card easily, but I can't buy Kindle books with it. I guess I'm the minority, but since I don't want to deal with credit cards (long story, I just don't) I have no means of obtaining said books or software other than by piracy. Which I have to admit I don't do very often... my Kindle collects dust in some corner since I noticed that I rather like real books made from real paper and there's very little stuff in the Android Market that I need that isn't free.

Comment Re:The reason I like "3D" TVs (Score 1) 261

Hooray for motion interpolation that makes movies look like cheap 80s porn. No, thank you very much, I prefer my movies in native 24p, if possible. My LCD doesn't have 3D, motion interpolation and that other crap, but displays what it's supposed to do and what's actually being delivered via HDMI. Not more, not less.

Comment Re:Breathless summary by the clueless (Score 1) 734


Way to drive home your point. So, what exactly is it in the Wikipedia article to Higher order thinking skills that makes you think it's "a policy of teaching children to have a pavlovian "yessum massa!" response to politically correct buzzwords"? Not obvious to me. I think you're a Troll.

Comment Re:you what? (Score 3, Informative) 266

I've just seen the season one finale last week, I knew about that head and had been actively looking for it, but other than seeing a couple of heads on spears in that particular scene I couldn't make out which one was the Bush head. This was blown way out of proportion, I agree with the GP, if the directors hadn't said anything on the cemmentary nobody would've known.

Comment Re:They don't work with their own software... (Score 1) 1027

I don't think the previous poster knows what they're talking about. My WP7 works flawlessly with my corporate Exchange Server (and the company issues iPhones by the way - I prefer my WP7 phone). I entered my user credentials once to set it up and haven't had so much as a hiccup...and I get push mail whereas my coworkes using iPhones/Android phones have to sync regularly to retrieve messages.

Really? Same for my Android phone (Galaxy Nexus on 4.04), entered my credentials once and everything worked fine out of the box. I'm getting my mail/calendar entries, etc, pushed the second it enters my Office 365 Exchange account, same for every iPhone in out company. I guess your coworkers phones must be misconfigured.

Comment Re:How does it taste? (Score 1) 236

What's the German word for "the boner you get from too much Schadenfreude"?

I guess I'd call it a Schadenfreudelatte, analog to Morgenlatte, which is the boner you have right after waking up. Since I think there's a special place in hell reserved for Kim Snitch^WSchmitz I wouldn't ever have such a thing over his case, though.

Comment Add to Market/Play Store (Score 1) 45

I just wish it was possible to add those purchases to Market apps (or Play Store or whatever it's called now), so I can automatically receive updates when they are released.

Oh, and, btw, on a completely unrelated note, does anyone have an Idea why Toki Tori from the last bundle won't work on my Galaxy Nexus? It always crashes with a "this Application had to be stoppped" message. I loved that game on GBC back in the days, would very much like to play that once again in an updated form.

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