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Comment Re:test your vulnerability (Score 1) 82

Just to add on to this, if your web server doesn't accept requests addressed to localhost or the ip address with a rewrite rule or for some other reason, then you may need to add in the hostname for that query rather than just using localhost for the headers.

eg: echo -en "HEAD / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:www.mydomainname.com\r\nRange:bytes=0-,$(perl -e 'for ($i=1;$i<1300;$i++) { print "5-$i,"; }')5-1300\r\nAccept-Encoding:gzip\r\nConnection:close\r\n\r\n" | nc localhost 80

A couple of my servers have Limit options set with a deny from all to the base htdocs folder, therefore only allowing virtual hosts to supply content and not the base host itself.
Sending 'localhost' as the header would return a 403 Forbidden with no mention of the Content-Length at all, even though the server was vulnerable.

Comment +1 (Score 1) 146

"Woot!" It's sort of a decade too late, but I do still get some use out of the word.
I also love how some people consider if may have been created due to the words wow and loot. Given that WoW was barely in development when I first noticed the word while playing quake. 0.o

Comment Re:I think mobile phones win next generation (Score 1) 276

The console gathering dust and the handheld are two completely separate markets. One is designed primarly for playing large expensive to make games, the other is tailored to the casual/online/zynga type games.
The reason handheld gaming has picked up is related directly to the amount of people who got hooked with farmville and its ilk.
If people can tend to their crops while riding the bus to work or something then they will. This is where handheld/smartphone games are going.

PC Gaming took a hit when consoles started picking up speed as they were quite closely related. PS3/Xbox were taking PC gamers.
However the Wii sold really well to people who had never owned a console and essentially created a new market for gaming. This same group of people are also the ones who would play other casual games and it seems that this market is considerably larger than the prior.

Comment Re:heh - (Score 1) 276

All press is good advertising I guess. "PS3... been hearing a lot about that in the news... think I'll get one..."

Funnily enough, that comment is most likely true.
Then there's the people who got one just to see what all the fuss was about in regards to the hacking etc...

Comment Re:What happens (Score 0) 197

What did you do to require being iris scanned in the first place?
If you're honestly innocent, then is it not in your best interest to work with the officers to prove that innocence rather than being all beligerent and generally making everyone days miserable.
I seriously don't get people who piss and moan about this stuff, without taking into consideration all of the actual good that can come from it.

Comment Re:will do the opposite (Score 2) 68

To be honest, I'm kind of fine with them removing MA15 and adding R18. That being said, I still think the system should mimic exactly that which the tv/movie/music industry adheres to. The system shouldn't need to be created from scratch again, so they really have the choice of using the same system that other media uses, or just slapping the R18 on the end to cover the gap that is missing at present. Heh, maybe the labour party has been waiting for a globalised agenda on classification rulings to appear so they can just sign that and then tell the country they've done what needed to be done. Seems to have worked so far for them.

Comment Great idea! (Score 1) 239

This sounds like a great idea to me. Although, I'm still confused as to why cars don't already come with some kind of radar/sonar device that would tell you when another vehicle or object is sitting in your blind spot while belting down the freeway. I often see cars in front of me swerving to avoid an accident just becuse some driver had decided to merge without looking, or change lanes, also without looking. I guess we're a step closer with reversing sensors and such. Maybe when they get this sorted out they can start working on my flying car that I was promised as a child.

Comment Re:that's not how copyright law works (Score 1) 724

Bad example. In that scenario, they have wasted that persons time (which isn't in an infinite supply). Pirates use their own time and resources to copy the data.

So what you're saying is that by pirating the game you're actually stealing time away from the developers? The data itself may be infinite, but the practise of putting it together into a playable game takes a considerable amount of time.

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