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Comment Re: Maybe because they are useless. (Score 1) 210

Whoa, you. are. adorable. When did I ever claim my Google Home was "AI", knucklehead? I know the device isn't AI, but it solves my use cases and therefore I don't care whether its AI or not. It has value to me. Not every "problem" is something that is insurmountable. Sure, I COULD put the baby down, but its a pain in the ass. My nursery door is in a hallway so I have to walk down the hall into the living room, set the baby down on the couch, walk back up the hallway and then open the door, set the lights, etc. Then go get the baby again. It sucks, particularly at 2am. That is a problem, maybe not a huge one, but still a pain point. Google Home has greatly eased those specific problems. Using your moronic thought process, you don't NEED a cell phone. We could always go back to phone booths on every corner and carrying around notepads with phone numbers. BUT THE CELL PHONE MADE LIFE EASIER, and for me at least, so has Google Home. Alexa could be equally good or better but I haven't tried it. I just know my $130 Google Home was worth it to me.

Comment Re:Maybe because they are useless. (Score 2) 210

I couldn't disagree more. I bought Google Home 2 weeks before my first kid was born. It has been awesome in that use case. Holding a screaming kid and want to update your shopping list? "Hey Google, add milk to shopping list." Meanwhile, my wife gets the update instantly on our shared Google Keep shopping list while at the store. Want to know if that eye crusty is something to be concerned about? Ask Google. I have Phillips Hue in every room in my house... 2 A.M. the baby needs to be changed - "Hey Google, set nursery lights to 40%." Bam, I can carry the kid in and change her diaper without having to fumble a kid and the light switch WITH the lights at the right brightness to not tick her off. I love my Google Home and its not for gimmicks. I have my smart TV set up so I can say "Hey Google, turn on ESPN" - Google turns my TV on, changes the channel to ESPN and sets the volume to exactly what I want. With a little effort and IFTTT its absolutely fantastic. If you haven't explored the nooks and crannies its easy to think its gimmicky, but I love mine.

Comment Re:First they came ... (Score 1) 196

Fi here too. I stream Google Play Music just about every day at work and rarely hit 4 GB a month. That includes plenty of casual browsing. How in the heck are people using 50+ GB *without* watching videos. I call B.S. Do these people not have real internet at home? That said, you have to configure your Facebook app to not auto launch videos and you would be surprised how much your data usage goes down. Facebook has become a hog.

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