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[[ could actually run a VoIP wifi app, several of which already exist for OS X, and thus leave them on the bad side of convergence...]] Let us also remember the fine line Apple is walking with the "iPhone" name. Cisco already has a VOIP iPhone, and if Apple wants to use the name then they have to be able to show a judge (and Cisco) that the iPhone CAN NEVER use VOIP and thus compete with Cisco. I suspect this lockdown has less to do with Apple's revenue stream vis-a-vis 3rd party developers, and more to do with ensuring they can navigate the legal jungle of the telephone world without worry.

Journal Journal: Dana is not enough for me.

A few months back, I was looking an Alphasmart Dana that was for sale on eBay and was admiring the simplicity of its design. A laptop powered by the Palm operating system which can run for a week on a couple AA batteries. You get powerful writing capabilities and the ability to run some simple games and other productivity software in a package that is relatively cheap. As someone who fancies himself a writer (even if I have n

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