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Saudi Arabia plans to block WhatsApp within weeks: report
DUBAI | Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:40am EDT. DUBAI (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia plans to block Internet-based communication tool WhatsApp within weeks if the U.S.-based firm fails to comply with requirements set by the kingdom's telecom regulator, local...
Saudi Arabia may block WhatsApp within weeksCNET
Saudi Arabia to Block Skype, Whatsapp in Coming Weeks, Recently Banned ... Design & Trend
Saudi Arabia to block Skype, WhatsAppCIOL
Globe and Mail-Arab
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Submission + - How to start reading other's code?

BorgeStrand writes: I'm reviving an open source project and need to read up on a lot of existing code written by others. What are your tricks for quickly getting to grips with code written by others? The project is written in C++ using several APIs which are unknown to me. I know embedded C pretty well, so both the syntax, the APIs and the general functionality are things I wish to explore before I can contribute to the project.

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