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Comment I really don't get it (Score 1) 119

I don't get why companies insist on trying to make gaming tablets, sure they might be fine for angrybirds, but I think you'd be hardpressed to find any hardcore gamer looking to buy a tablet to game on. Maybe there is a target audience out there that isn't imaginary, but I just know I don't see it.

Comment Re:Copies are not you! (Score 1) 383

I have a scar on my leg, when I got it, sure that made me realize "hey I should be more careful with sharp objects around me," but by no means did it change who I was. Similarly, metal skin wouldn't change who I am, it would merely change the fact that I no longer have flesh - and that I don't need to be quite as careful around sharp objects as I do now.

Comment Re:Not as happy with CM as I could be. (Score 1) 124

I've had nothing but good experiences with even the more recent CM 10.1 nightlies on my Galaxy S3, the RC builds are definitely stable enough for day to day use (at least on the GS3, although I don't see why the Note would suffer from any major bugs this far along in development - I used to have similar issues to what you described with the rebooting during calls, for me at least these were resolved long ago).

Comment Re:Would it kill you to define "Cyanogenmod"? (Score 1) 124

I agree with you, and thanks for the feedback on my first article. It's really about asking yourself "what level of understanding do I expect the reader to have right off the bat, and how can I concisely put in possibly useful information into the article?" I've found this to be an enlightening experience, and look forward to posting articles in the future, and learning from the mistakes I've made as I go.

Comment Re:And on a well-edited nerd news site (Score 1) 124

I actually agree with you, since I wrote the article I consider this to be good feedback, in retrospect I should have described briefly what Cyanogenmod is, aside from some formatting changes my post was pretty much unedited. Granted, one can probably figure out what Cyanogenmod is through the context (talking about android releases and whatnot), it should be made clearer for people who don't, or wouldn't know what it is (say iOS/WP users). So thanks for the feedback, I intend on being more clear for future articles I write.

Submission + - Cyanogenmod 10.1 RC1 starts to roll out to devices near you! (

Noitatsidem writes: Good news for Cyanogenmod users, according to their blog it looks like 10.1 is nearing its stable release.

We haven’t used the ‘Release Candidate’ nomenclature since the ICS days, but we feel the 10.1 branch is quickly approaching the point where a ‘final’ build is due. To prepare for that eventuality, RC1 builds for CyanogenMod 10.1.0 are now landing on our servers! This will be one of (if not the last) milestone releases before a 10.1.0 is pushed out. These builds will appear as they complete the build process and, as always, you can download the builds via!

Android Police speculates that this is due in part to the rumored release announcement of Android 4.3 given at Google I/O 2013 which is taking place in (now) less than one week. Looks like the Android community will have a lot to talk about in coming days!

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