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Comment Old drums leak (Score 4, Insightful) 303

and there are a lot of old drums of this stuff sitting around old industrial buildings because it costs money to have it disposed of safely. There's probably a degree of it being released by the new generation of workers who have no idea what's in those old rusty drums, and the older workers have plain forgotten, and are just dumping it into drains to get rid of it and make space in the chemical storage room.

Comment Re:Ken Thompson, Anyone? (Score 3, Informative) 472

Very pretty example, but badly flawed. Thanks to Login being open source, and the abundance of de-compilers available from independent sources, shenanigans such as this can be readily detected by comparing the de-compiled code from the freely available source code and noting significant variations, specifically blocks of additional logic not included in the source. While behaviour like that illustrated would go unnoticed in the closed source (Windows) world, and very likely does, it doesn't wash in the FOSS community. Nice try.

Comment But it's still ok for Apple ... (Score -1, Troll) 197

to rip off other company's intellectual property ... apparently. Apple have never innovated anything EVER. Even the styling of their signature products has been directly copied from other company's work from the 70s. Rounded corners are NOT an innovation, they're standard practice for anyone making anything.

Comment This is blatantly illegal (Score 5, Insightful) 464

in many countries whose law permits the sale of second hand software licenses (eg pre-owned games). What Microsoft's legal team has forgotten (ignored?) is that state and federal law override any and all conditions they put in their EULA and they have no legal recourse when they blatantly ignore local law.

Comment Re:What wrong has Steve done to you? (Score 5, Informative) 247

That's probably what killed him.

(Too soon?)

Not soon enough! Jobs was a class 'A' douche-bag. He openly flaunted patents, stole IP (every "original" design he ever produced or commissioned was a direct copy of an existing item from another company, Baun suffered greatly from this and bullied countless REAL innovators out of business. The only "multi-touch" he ever created was what he did to customers' wallets, or it would be if screwing idiots over was anything remotely original. Jobs also abandoned and denied paternity of his first child and summarily ended all philanthropic programs (that's charity if anyone is wondering) sponsored by Apple when he took control. The only thing he ever achieved personally was to make sure anyone wearing a turtle neck (skivvy in local parlance) look like even more of a douche. What did Jobs ever do to us? He screwed us. All of us. Even those who have never and will never buy any iShit suffer because of what he's done to the industry as a whole.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 0) 409

I see I have attracted bad karma for this comment (off topic -1) Since my detractor lacks the testicular fortitude to reply to me directly I'll explain my experience. I have over the last 20 years worked with, for or under numerous Indian "professionals" in my country. While some have been quite pleasant people only two, both of them mechanical engineers, had anything that could be loosely called "competence". Both of those realized after varying amounts of time that their vaunted degrees and high caste counted for nothing when they patently had no idea what they were doing. The rest, however, were never capable of the reasoning to achieve that much, including the doctor who prescribed this 98Kg male PEDIATRIC MEDICATION for a severe sinus infection. Thankfully that was caught and corrected by the pharmacist. Add that to Indian doctors, like the one nick named "Dr Death" here in Australia whose incompetence was only matched by his arrogance and cost the lives of many vulnerable patients, and the damage to an entire nation's reputation is well and truly done with me. You think I deserve bad karma you sniveling coward? Enjoy your next call from "Windows Operating System Company".

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