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Submission + - Intel buys FOSS company. 'Rich UI Inside' coming. (ostatic.com)

ruphus13 writes: Intel is getting serious about promoting mobile Internet devices based on its Atom processors, and fueling the development of rich user experiences. It has done so by acquiring OpenedHand, the Open Source company that, according to the article, "provides software development and consulting services, in addition to maintaining several ongoing projects focused on mobile and embedded Linux. OpenedHand's team maintains and contributes development efforts to the Matchbox window manager (on Nokia's devices), the Pimlico suite of PIM applications, Poky (an embedded Linux distro), and more."..."One of OpenedHand's high-profile projects is Clutter, an open source toolkit and software library for creating fast, visually rich and animated graphical user interfaces. Clutter uses OpenGL for rendering, and has an API designed to hide underlying GL complexity from the developer.". Also, "Cover Flow — the animated, graphical presentation of music album covers seen on iPods — is a perfect example of a mobile application that Clutter is good for. Clutter is not trying to be a general interface to GL. It's trying to be a nice simple API that saves the developer from needing to know GL complexities".

Comment Re:hehehe (Score 1) 393

actually, i think it goes:

"hey boss, we had a problem with linux at our datacenter. but don't worry... the sysadmins at geico uploaded a fix (as did the folks at google and some other companies i can't be bothered to look up to see if they're running linux)"

"to make a long story short, we're still saving money by running linux -- and we're patched now, while our competitors are waiting for microsoft to acknowledge there's even a problem."

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