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Comment Thanks for raising public awareness (Score 1) 68

This is great. Many more people in China are now aware of the problem, due to the public announcement. So many more people are questioning "why?" and signing up for overseas VPN services. In any case, we have adapted technology already to avoid their DPI and more countermeasures are ready for the next escalation. The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through ..

Comment Signal is not very good anyways (Score 1) 87

I've never liked Signal because it associates users to mobile phone numbers and doesn't have a good PC companion app. Mobile phones are amazingly effective tracking and surveillance devices. We should try very hard to avoid using them or at least decouple them from the phone system as much as possible. We need anonymous mobile computing devices. :)

Comment Welcome to China (Score 1) 137

The US and UK are now just copying China. They've seen how people will just accept it and let them do anything they want. Bunch of sheep... The only good thing I see is this will push us even more to create tougher encryption and anonymity tools. Encrypt everything, encrypt it now.

Comment Maybe in China (Score 2) 243

All Google services are blocked in China, so there are hundreds of millions of Android phones with no access to the play store. At the same time, most mobile phone manufacturers are designing their phones for the Chinese market and following Chinese trends. Tizen could do very well there. The communists think they are helping their own domestic tech companies, but they are really just helping Samsung and other non-googles.

Comment Re:Google is blocked in China, Yahoo is not (Score 1) 155

I've lived in China for most of the last 15yrs. Everyone used to use google until it was blocked. People in the tech/electronics industry still use it, with VPN, if they can. Baidu and other Chinese search engines are nothing in comparison to google - they are extremely limited and aggressively filtered and monitored. They think they are promoting the development of domestic Chinese tech companies, but all they are really doing is creating corrupt monopolies and isolating their own people from the rest of the world.

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