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Comment Re:News Flash: Apple limits app store! (Score 1) 664

In other words, get over it and find something useful to do with your protests. If you don't like how they do it, make a competing product.

No thanks. I'd rather people were fully aware of the potential drawbacks to what they might buy, and as a result choose the best product - not the one with the best hidden shitty drawbacks.

As a neat aside, the company might have to make a better product. Everyone wins.

Comment Re:Thorough and unbiased (Score 1) 650

I wonder how you would react if the House of Commons were to say that the e-mails are undeniable proof that global warming is a scam. Would you suddenly change positions? Or would you write them off just like the people on the other side of the debate will..

Get back to me when an organisation as respected as the British House of Commons says that.

Comment Re:Not that my opinion matters (Score 1) 323

This random gentlemen on the internet claims that composed would be the correct word in this case (comprised would be a synonym for including, where I was imagining CBS to be clearly made up only of horses).
And he has an entire book published just to explain why everyone is making errors when writing English, so I'm inclined to trust someone with that much dedication.

Comment Re:Retard. (Score 1) 428

I'd just like to point out that high-pitched noises, often caused by the flyback transformers found in things such as CRT monitors, are a far cry from detecting x-rays and radio waves. Why? Because one is just a sound and we have ears to feel that; that some people cannot hear the sound while others can is related to the auditive acuity of the person, nothing more.

I also can hear the noise caused by CRTs, and oddly enough also in some solid-state electronics. I've also got low level tinnitus When I asked a hearing specialist about it, he suggested that it might be related, with some noise or EM frequency stimulating a poorly sheafed auditory nerve.

This guy is still nuts though. Why do we care what the man thinks is causing his 'allergy'? Get him some real help, in the form of mental health and housing support.

Comment Re:too funny (Score 2, Informative) 219

Actually, it isn't. If you go to the URL of the friends list, you can view anybody's friends list.

Interesting? -1, Wrong. If your profile is not set to be searchable, that information is unavailable.

Coincidentally, I've taken five minutes to set my privacy settings correctly and have only praise for the increased granularity now available. What percentage of those complaining here have ever used facebook anyway?

Comment Re:Solution? (Score 2, Informative) 120

Over here in sleepy old Adelaide, South Australia, our Westfield guards have been known to cause deaths Security guard charged over elderly man's death. Walking into a mall with your bike helmet accidentally left on will quickly atttract a number of tall, angry men.
A mask would be asking for way more trouble than it would be worth, as it'd be taken as practically a declaration of intent to cause trouble.

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