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Comment Time to Ditch... (Score 1) 156

Right now I run Kodi on an RPi2 Model B+. It's connected to my external hard drive, which stores all my movies and music, and HDMI out to my 40in LED. I'm already considering ditching this setup in favor of an Odroid-XU4 w/Ubuntu, since I just need something to basically run VLC....DRM will make me switch even faster.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 155

Women don't have an expiration date.

So what do you call this?

And before that hits, there is the obvious decline in their physical attractiveness that tends to begin around age 30. Some call it "when women hit the wall". It can be delayed somewhat via a healthy diet, physical fitness, and stable mental health...or terrible decisions (IMO) like plastic surgery. But it doesn't change that men are visual creatures, we are primarily driven by a woman's looks, and so our interest (and the sexual market value of any individual woman) declines precipitously in their 30's as their looks and remaining fertility fade. Why else do you think we see so many articles, WRITTEN BY WOMEN, about how they are single and unhappy? Just as a sample:

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 155

I'm not Japanese, I just live here. But yes, censored Japanese porn is terrible. Fortunately, they produce *uncensored* videos, theoretically just for the export market. However, shops are regularly busted for selling the stuff domestically under the counter, and of course all the major free porn sites are awash with "uncensored JAV" vids.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 2) 155

I'm not sure how well the laws re: attractiveness are enforced, if at all. How else can businesses like Hooters maintain the expected buxom quality of their staff?

Complaints about customer service-oriented businesses hiring physically attractive people, especially young females, are kinda unique to the West, while McD's is a global company. Here in Asia, having cute and polite female staff is just assumed pretty much everywhere. There's a night-and-day difference in the customer experience at a Japanese McDonald's and a US one. Same for all the Asian airlines. That PC crap about keeping women past their expiration date doesn't apply here.

Comment Re:Well that's all interesting and good... (Score 1) 396

Why were so many of Trump's advisers and proxies in such frequent contact with the Russians

Heaven forbid that the incoming administration of the world's #2 nuclear power attempt to patch up its relationship with the world's #1 nuclear power, and do so as quickly as possible, via back-channels if necessary, to avoid or de-escalate the tensions stoked under the Obama/Clinton duo....

Comment Re: Huh? (Score 1) 396

2. The Syrians launched a nerve gas attack

Do we actually know this with absolute certainty? Based on evidence from...the "Syrian Observatory on Human Rights" aka "One Guy Who Lives in the UK"? Based on FSA social media accounts, because those are never BS propaganda? ( )

When that recent airstrike in Mosul killed 100+ civilians the US was quick to say "musta triggered a nearby ISIS carbomb factory....not really our fault"....but when the Syrians/Russians say "our airstrike must have hit a jihadi chemical warehouse...not our fault"....the ONLY conclusion made in the West is they must be lying through their teeth? What incentive would Assad have to employ a weapon that is well-known to provoke a Western response, given that he is already well on his way to winning the conventional ground conflict without it?

Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 1) 253

For the life of me, I can't fathom why anyone would want to live in a big city. Every perk I hear touted, I can beat. It's quiet, I have a yard, and I have more spending money that the saps choking on smog.

Cities are pretty awesome if you:
-are a bachelor. High population density = high supply of sex partners. Contingent upon your own seduction skills, of course.
-enjoy any "alt" cultural activities. Good luck finding healthy goth communities or regular extreme metal concerts in the middle of South Dakota or something.
-don't want to own a vehicle to fulfill your commute requirements.

I've lived all over the US and now quite a few places in Asia. My preference is for big Japanese cities (EXCEPT the Tokyo area) as the best of all worlds: safe, fairly low pollution, excellent mass transit, still pretty car-friendly (I'm a gearhead), plenty of easy women, convenient and inexpensive air travel, access to decent (if not cheap) international schools for kids, access to parks, and it's easy to get away and enjoy the countryside. The only downside is the tiny and overpriced houses. But if you don't fill your home with a bunch of consumerist crap, the cramped living space really isn't that bad.

Comment Re:And this is bad how exactly? (Score 1) 251

Right offhand my first thought is "Who are they going to work for next". You might not like the NSA but if all of their top talent goes elsewhere it could be a very serious problem for us.

Not really. In all likelihood they'll go work for private security contractors that specialize in intelligence, but give the US government the plausible deniability it has lost due to checks & balances. A high-level US security clearance carries a LOT of value for employees. Very few people would throw away .gov/DoD private contractor opportunities to go work for Russia/China/etc. for anything less than millions of dollars, IMO.

Comment Re:Rose tinted glasses (Score 1) 516

It was a dark time - tens of thousands of people were brutally murdered, and twice that many starved to death as he implemented Milton's "shock therapy". By 1978 though - the economy had gotten over the worst of the harm (if only because the poor people were mostly dead now) and suddenly the so-called Pinochet miracle happened.

I'm curious where you are getting your numbers. The Wiki article on Pinochet suggests 3200 killed, ~30,000 tortured....2/3rds of all that in 1973. And that is based on testimony from 30,000 people, so sounds reasonably well-supported. As to your second comment about "the poor mostly being dead"......that stretches credulity, given that Chile's population around 1980 was roughly 11 million, up from 9.5million in 1970.

You're overall point about the Chilean experiment further enriching the elite and driving the masses below the poverty line is still accurate, however.

Comment Re:Rose tinted glasses (Score 1) 516

especially arguing that making everybody equally poor doesn't make for a better society

Devil's Advocate: how do you explain the overall high level of happiness in deeply impoverished countries such as Bhutan ( )? Also consider books such as: ( ), which argue that the material progress in modern market democracies has not led to a commensurate rise, or even stable level, of happiness.

Comment Re:Are people still using that? (Score 1) 135

I can't speak to the US dating scene, but Tinder is awesome here in Asia (so is dating in general, BTW). I think I've only been catfished once in Osaka, but otherwise everyone I've encountered on Tinder aged 22-37 has had real pics and been a real woman.

Regarding TFA....I'm not sure I like this idea. Who is writing the algorithms or training the AI? Some beta coder who hasn't had a girl...ever? Just judging by the quote in TFS "you two like the same band, we can buy you tickets." GTFO. Why the FUCK would I blow money on a concert ticket for some Tinder chick I've never met? Talk about setting a guy up for failure. My AI better be making suggestions like:
"This chick's profile reads 'no hookups' but we're pretty sure you're her style and she'll put out to you. There's a cafe, an arcade with DDR, and a pool hall, all within 500 meters of your hotel and her present location. Do you want us to send her directions to the cafe with a note 'Look for the tall dark and handsome guy' with your pic?"

That would actually justify a slight increase in the monthly fee for Tinder Plus or whatever it's called. It would mix pre-screening potential matches, first encounter planning/logistics, message really I all I have to do is click "Approve" and then actually show up to meet the woman.

Comment Re:Free (Score 1) 259

I think as a high school senior I bought 2-3 porn VHS tapes:
One was of Aria Giovanni, one of Akira Fubuki, and one hentai tentacle porn vid "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend".
Then as a college freshman I bought the French "movie" full of unsimulated sex, "Baise Moi", which was basically a graphic version of Thelma & Louise, but with porn actresses in the lead roles.

On a few occasions I've bought Japanese porn mags in the convenience stores if a particular model catches my eye, and they often contain free DVDs which are usually pretty shitty.

Bottom line: probably less than $150 total spent over 15+ years for me. I think the industry is kept afloat purely from people with niche fetishes or those who develop an obsessive interest in particular porn whores.

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