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Comment Re:Bet they're not upgrading directly from Windows (Score 1) 136

I guess it's more about how people need to "relearn" how to logoff and stuff, since those functions are "slightly" moved to another place. Office drones tend to know their work pipeline down to the used shortcuts BUT NOTHING ELSE. Shit, they even call support when a warning pops up that reads "click ok to continue" if it's unexpected.

When we upgraded our company to win 10, we knew beforehand and printed out some small poster with new shortcuts, how to do basic operations like logging off or shutting down (now two distinct buttons instead of one!!!). Sad thing we had to do this, but we did ok in the end.

The "press win and type what you want to do" is just a change too big for most of the drones. I still watch them navigate manually to some subfolder to get to something.

Comment Re:The value of "proper" games (Score 1) 77

i heard this argument before. There are different ways to consume games; competitive, exploratory, as an experience, and so on.... Not all of these methods require better or faster interfaces. Some of them become special _just because_ they are giving real restrictions. I am not a player, but the onward players seem to enjoy that a lot. VR sure has lesser viable game genres at the moment, and therefore for lot's of people VR just isn't their device, like the mouse is for the shooter and a stick is for the fighter.

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