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Comment Your Smart But You Appear to Suck (Score 1) 391

I think IQ is a terrible way to analyze someone. I have been tested to an IQ of 181 but my learning disabilities cause me to excel in some areas and falter in others. Though the places I faulted are compensated in other ways, it is difficult for others to grasp how difficult those compensation activities are and the impact on the speed for which genius function. For instance, my memory is hierarchal. To recall some facts my brain searches for information using sort of a bread crumb approach to remember something. This appears to others as if I don't know or cannot understand. Yet, I come up with better solutions and have more thorough understanding than they know. This brings me into conflicts with others during argument. Because I appear to be an idiot in the short term and a savant in the long term.

Adult IQ's of Famous Geniuses: Bobby Fischer (Chess Player) 187, Galileo Galilei (Astronomer/Philosopher/Physicist) 185, Rene Descartes (Philosopher/Mathematician) 180, Immanuel Kant (Philosopher) 175, Charles Darwin (Naturalist) 165, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer) 165, Albert Einstein (Physicist) 160, George Eliot (Writer) 160, Nicolaus Copernicus (Astronomer) 160, Rembrandt van Rijn (Painter) 155

Comment Bunk Science (Poor Scientific Method) (Score 2) 497

I am not worried about the more or less vitamins. I am worried about the added chemicals (pesticides) in the vegetables and fruits. Just because science is deficient in determining that there is a difference does not mean that there is not. We tend to think that science has come a long way through history. The only way to actually tell that it has is to have a crystal ball to see what the future holds. Looking at current science is not a predictor of the future and its discoveries. Snapping your fingers to keep the lions away works for both parties on either side of the argument. The only way to see the truth is to continue to try and gather evidence. Understanding the statistics of how people feel when they don't eat the GMO's/Pesticide risen/cross bread food is to understand the population. My money is on the people who eat organic. I see who is more health looking and what they eat. Economics plays a part. The variables associated with what makes one population more healthy than another is not easily seen by analysis of just the fruits and vegetables. A holistic viewpoint of lifestyle is the only way to understand the population and the greater health of people who eat organic.

Comment John Spencer needs to read IT Does Not Matter (Score 1) 530

John Spencer needs to read "IT Does Not Matter" by Nicholas G. Carr. Carr makes several points but the one I remember most is this: " So what should companies do? From a practical standpoint, the most important lesson to be learned from earlier infrastructural technologies may be this: When a resource becomes essential to competition but inconsequential to strategy, the risks it creates become more important than the advantages it provides. Think of electricity. Today, no company builds its business strategy around its electricity usage, but even a brief lapse in supply can be devastating." Open source is the advantage that if missed companies die. If taken advantage of early can be a competitive advantage and that advantage can live until others catch up. This is not a problem with job loss as much as it is with the inability for companies to cope in the right way by taking advantage of the extra help in other ways.'tMatter.pdf

Comment Stop the Nonsense (Score 1) 487

I was a PhD student. I finished the classroom study. I moved on to the research and promptly left the program at that point. The research was Nonsense. Not because I picked it but because my adviser was out of touch with the world. I told him and proved that his work was crap. We promptly had a huge argument and we split. I now work in industry doing research. It is where I wanted to be anyway. I never wanted to be a professor. I do like to teach. But, I like to teach what people want to learn and not what is esoteric to get a label of PhD. I don't blame my former adviser. He was just doing what he needed to do to survive in the system. The university perpetuated the problem. It is very apparent who has done the better work now but I had the better environment after leaving the program. He is stuck with the program and will never do meaningful anything there. Good luck academics.

Submission + - (92 mpg) fuel economy

NoPhD writes: Honda's new Accord 2.2 i-CTDi Sport has this week set no fewer than 19 world speed records and achieved 3.07 litres / 100 km (92 mpg) fuel economy to boot. Amongst the speed records set, which were all achieved in Production Car Class B (2000 — 2500 cc), were 133.04 mph (1 mile flying start), 84.25 mph (1 mile standing start) and an average speed of 130.38 mph over a 24-hour endurance period. These records were all set at Papenburg high-speed oval test track in north-west Germany on 1 and 2 May, and are all subject to FIA ratification. See More Here

Submission + - Safari for Windows Gets Better Security

NoPhD writes: PCWorld is running an article that Apple has released Safari Beta 3.0.1 for Windows, an update to their recently-introduced Web browser for Windows XP and Vista. The new version is available for download from Apple's Web site or through the "Apple Software Update" application (bundled with QuickTime or iTunes for Windows). The security improvements in Safari Beta 3.0.1 include correction for a "command injection vulnerability," corrected with additional processing and validation of URLs that could otherwise lead to an unexpected termination of the browser; an out-of-bounds memory read issue; and a race condition that can allow cross-site scripting using a JavaSscript exploit. Apple notes that these security issues to do not affect the Macintosh version of Safari 3.,132883-c,browser s/article.html

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