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Comment Re:Citations? They need to be sued heavily (Score 1) 507

In Pennsylvania the solid white, do not cross, lines leading up to the intersection are the timed length that you are describing. If the vehicle is within the area of the solid white lines when the light changes to yellow the vehicle will make it through if it is moving at the speed limit or higher.

Comment Re:Microsoft of social networking? (Score 1) 138

You just need to branch out and find more friends. Not uncommon for my friends to get together with their laptops at one house and code all night with a few movies playing in the background. I will hop over to another friend's house, help him with vehicle wiring and electronics issues.

It does help that the only thing to do in the city around here is go out and get drunk.

Comment Re:Said it before and I'll say it again ... (Score 1) 282

Adblock only works because it's not widely used. If everyone would use it, then advertising networks would have to come up with better ways to deliver ads without possibility to block them. It's already done on sites that are for geeks, like Slashdot. /. has ads, yes, but they also sell advertising spots on Ask Slashdot section and polls. By advertising Adblock (ironic, isn't it?) you're only giving webmasters and sites more reason to come up with hidden advertisements and things that really integrate into site. Google is already doing it on YouTube - they put some required components behind ad servers, so if you block video ads then the videos will stop working completely.

Not true. Adblock successfully blocks all advertisements on YouTube while still allowing the videos to play. Your RegexFu is weak.

Comment Re:Experiences of counter-cheating in online gamin (Score 1) 613

The best cheaters use wall hacks only and never get caught. Using a wall hack well is all about acting. Actors know what comes next in the script, but they have to pretend that they never read it. Wall hackers know there is some one around the corner, but they act like they are playing normally to avoid detection.

Six years for me running the same wall hack and I was never caught. Not by VAC or by an admin on a server/in a league. I gave that up to play TF2 with no hacks since that is much more enjoyable.

Comment Re:Um, no (Score 3, Informative) 203

Even if VAC detects the cheater, the way it deals with it allows hackers to go on. VAC detects, logs, and then bans the player two months later. The cheater causes two more months of grief to the player base. The only reason it waits two months is to make it difficult for the cheater to figure out which hack caused the ban.

Comment Re:Who needs to be a billionaire? (Score 3, Interesting) 318

Same kind of deal here as well. I left my old stressful job and went with one that has me working the standard forty hour work week.

Friends ask why I would continue to code outside of work, since that is all I do all week, especially with the minimal budget I live on.(I could quit and live for a few years before I ran out of savings.) They think I should relax and enjoy myself.

Why? I come up with ideas I wish to try out and that is how I enjoy myself. Most end up in a folder of projects that may never get used again. In some cases a friend comes to me and we start working on a project together. This has led to successes such as a web site that received around one million hits within the first month.

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