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Comment Ideology Trumps Facts (Score 1) 499

So what does one do when at least some studies indicate that you can't fix stupid? Seems like giving up. This is one of those areas where personal liberty might just need to step aside. I know that sounds bad but when you consider that the result of exemption is statistically correlated to death and we have laws to discourage and punish homicide, it doesn't seem like that much of a jump to sacrifice personal liberty here...

Comment Re:State doing the CYA thing (Score 1) 261

An "original" classifier is someone who deems a new type of information as a certain classification level. For instance, if we invented a new technology to address a new threat -- information associated with that technology and threat will need to be assessed for classification. An original classifier would be responsible for assessing, at a high-level, whether the release of that information would constitute damage to the government and, depending on severity of damage it would cause, would deem it unclassified, confidential, secret, or top secret. Original classification tends to be more categorical than specific. Once an original classifier makes that determination for a type of information, a "derivative" classifier would use that information to officially classy a specific document. As such, derivative classification is much more common. Unfortunately, my guess is Hillary was neither and was just depending on the information being classified (and marked accordingly as it came in). As an information generator, however, my opinion is that she should have reached out to a classifier to determine the proper classification if there was any chance at all the information was classified.

Comment Importance Of Process (Score 5, Insightful) 137

Honestly, I've seen some of the most successful implementations of asset tracking implemented in trivial homegrown spreadsheets and databases. I'll also seen complete disaster and disarray in multi-million dollar commercial applications.

The difference: the people and process. When it comes to asset tracking in a dynamic, uncontrolled environment (e.g., not an Amazon warehouse), no tool is going to replace good process and procedure since there will be error-prone and lazy humans in the process. You need to get religious about these sorts of things if you want them to work. No nifty tool will substitute.

My two cents.

Comment Re:Fixed (Score 1) 116

Unusual behavior. I follow the link you sent and if I continuously click 'Search Trends' on (as you provided), I see a noticeably larger spike randomly appear in 2007 Q4. Maybe a graphic rendering issue? Can anyone reproduce this?

Comment Re:Coming to a disaster near you. (Score 1) 452

I think it's difficult to classify a company based a single set of drive failures. All it takes is one engineer to overlook some very improbable interrupt processing race condition or some bus contention issue and you've got bad firmware on a million drives that have shipped. If you don't test setup that can exercise EVERY possible condition, it's tough to find this stuff. Not that it's excuse, but just saying...

I just recently finished probably some firmware for a high speed serial card for internal use at our company. However, it's still suffering from a lock-up after transmitting about an 100 terabytes of data (average) -- from an 'unknown' interrupt!

Comment Re:GCC 2.95? Seriously? (Score 3, Informative) 178

GCC 3.4 is quite outdated. 2.95 is just plain old. Why not code in Fortran while you're at it?

My development group is also stuck with gcc 2.9x series because it's only compiler our toolchain maker (WindRiver) supports for VxWorks 5.X. I'm guessing he's in a similar situation. I can't complain though -- we've never had an issue with it.

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