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Comment Appreciate the (semi) apology... (Score 1) 196

By using the Tea Party as a pejorative, Shuttleworlth alienated many people here in the US. I'm not a member of the Tea Party, but it seems to me that they are about responsible government behavior and not simply some kind of fringe minority holding up the “correct” majority.

I appreciate the fact he said it was a mistake, but the fact remains that he very easily jumped on the popular press bandwagon against them. It showed a side of him that is disappointing as I normally considered him more thoughtful.

Comment Terribly disappointing... (Score 1) 419

I'm very disappointed in this comment. He's simultaneously name calling other while using a conservative political group name as if it was a pejorative. I know several Tea Party people and they are very level headed folks that simply want the government to spend less than it takes in. To be responsible.

This comment serves to undermine Shuttleworth and therefore Ubuntu. So much for all your true colors are coming through.

Comment Where is Obama? (Score 2) 356

When the NSA spies on you, its the fault of that pesky troublesome NSA.

When the IRS targets you, its the fault of that pesky troublesome IRS.

It's as if none of these agencies are under Obama's control. His worshipers continue to believe "he'd fix these problems if only he could. Poor guy...suffering from those crazy Republicans in the House" I cannot believe the free ride our fascist president is getting...

Comment No Thanks! (Score 1) 299

I've just provisioned 17 virtual servers using out-of-the-box Ubuntu 12.04 using KVM/QEMU.
With no tweaks on my laptop they boot in a little under 4 seconds. They run screaming fast with only 512M of RAM and take up a couple gig of drivespace.
Whatever hassles you'll create by optimizing something will never be worth the improvement. Time to move on...nothing to see here...

Comment Re:Who uses Ubuntu anyway? Explanation: (Score 1) 273

I love Ubuntu and will continue to use it. It is stable and runs great on all the machines around here. Unity serves both our high-end experienced developers and our newbie business-type users. Unlike so many Slashdot posters, I was able to locate the OFF button that disables online searches. Its tucked away in the most unlikely place: "Settings->Privacy". I've never seen so much FUD about a new feature that comes with an off button. Sheesh.. I have no plans to ever buy anything from the me its the wrong place to do online shopping...but I am happy to see Canonical doing things to make money because it makes me more comfortable that they will be there for me in the future.

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