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Comment IT Failing NOT User Failing (Score 0) 369

As an IT leader/decision maker in a corporate environment, I would consider this a personal failing and an IT department failing. We (IT) are the experts. We have the skills and knowledge. If someone does not have the skills or knowledge to use a corporate tool (PC, server, network, etc...) it is OUR responsibility to provide training.

I have a "technology orientation class" periodically. 60 minutes of "do this, don't do that". It eliminates the "I didn't know" and "how do I..." problems.

It is arrogant, ill-informed and misguided to demand that an end user know how to make your job easier.


Submission + - Connectivity Returns to Zeus Botnet Servers (

itwbennett writes: In follow-up to the story, Zeus Botnet Dealt a Blow As ISPs Troyak, Group 3 Knocked Out, posted to /. on Wednesday, the 68 Zeus botnet command-and-control servers associated with ISP Troyak can now reconnect to hacked systems and issue new instructions. Just hours after network connectivity to Troyak was severed the ISP peered with a new upstream Internet service provider named Ya. The next step will be to 'de-peer' Troyak from its new service provider, either an ISP named Nassist or its upstream provider, Hurricane Electric, said a researcher familiar with the matter. 'We have taken some of their territory, they are trying to out flank us,' the researcher said via IM. 'We are going to win this one — we have 'em boxed in.'

Submission + - HSBC Learns Extent of Three Year Old Data Theft

sartin writes: "Herve Falciani, a former employee of HSBC stole about 15,000 customer records "around three years ago". Swiss Federal prosecutors passed the stolen data files back to HSB a week ago. When the breach was originally discovered HSBC had claimed that potentially fewer than 10 records had been compromised, but after reviewing the data files, they have determined that 15,000 HSBC customers (from October 2006 or earlier) around the world were affected."

Comment Re:Do boats go faster because it repels water? (Score 0) 133

Also, since when did evolution stop? Who knows if in another 100 million years, the whales may evolve microscopic hairs.

Whales seem more likely to evolve a digestive system that drawn nutrition from waste plastic in water than microscopic hairs that make them more efficient swimmers. Evolution has to do with increased survival. Swimming slightly more efficiently would have less of an impact than the capacity to eat the slurry of waste we are dumping in the oceans.

People often confuse evolution with improvement. Evolution is adaption. Pure and simple.

Comment Unlikely (Score 0) 134

Today,, a technological news website published a story claiming that news stories could be automatically generated from computers. The absurdity of the story was not lost on the human rea...Attribute already declared at line 15, position 6 !.. Invalid I/O file..

Insert Amusing Human-like Pun Here

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